Thursday, November 19, 2015

Code, Photoshoot & Pink hair inspiration!


Today I didn't go to school cause I'm sickT_T
It's actually Hatuli's birthday today so it's kinda the worst day to catch a cold for me:( 
Yesterday at work I started feeling sick and then today I woke up with my throat so hurt I couldn't talk~ Now I feel a lot better though cause I stayed home to rest and drink tea.
Later we're going to a restaurant for Hatuli's b-day, I was waiting for it all week! We're going to a restaurant called 'Mona' in Jerusalem that we heard a lot about and Hatuli really want to try the food there cause after he finish school he's planning to be a cook at some serious place [now he's a cook at a cute coffee place called 'Cafe Bezalel']. So I'll tell you tomorrow how was it^^

I don't have a new ootd cause I didn't leave the house today but I didn't post yesterday's yet~

I was kinda inspired by Kanako Kawabata\Romihi's old outfits~^^

Knit...FOREVER21 brand
Socks...United colors of Benetton
Shoes...Shinjuku ALTA
Tote bag...Ank Rouge
Hair accessories...TOPTEN

I feel so boring ugh I have nothing interesting to say about todayT_T
At least I had company and it made me really happy, I mean it~

So now I remember that actually I had something I wanted to post and forgot every time~
Soon I will get the photos from our last photoshoot and I think I've never even posted on my blog other pics from previews photoshoots I had with Yaniv! So here are pics from my first photoshoot with him, I had 3 coord to do back then^^ It was before I was in Tokyo last spring omgT_T
Also- I miss my pink hair.

I'm actually thinking about dying it pink again, but I really want to avoid that orange undertoneT_T I need to figure out how if anyone has any tips, please tell me!^^

And now I kinda feel like making a pink hair inspiration post!

Ok I have more but I think I'll stop hereXD
I really need to get dresses and drink another cup of tea before we're leaving!

Tonight after the restaurant we're going to Hatuli's parents so I'll post again tomorrow!
Hope to get better before Saturday cause I'm workingT_T

Wish you all a lovely evening!




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  2. היי, קודם כל החלמה מהירה! בדיוק גמאני עכשיו יושבת בבית עם חום ושותה תה :< so i feel ya.
    אגב גם אני לאחרונה מאוד רוצה לעשות קצוות ורודים בהירים כמו שהיו לך בצילומים. במה השתמשת אז ומה עשית? אשמח מאוד לתשובה! ^^
    ומזל טוב לחתולי!

    1. תרגישי טוב גם את חמודית!:D
      והאמת שמה שעשיתי היה סופר פשוט~ עירבתתי צבע ורוד לשיער שקניתי בפריק שואו בסנטר יחד עם כמות מסויימת של מרכך ושמתי על השיער והשארתי ככה כמה זמן עד שזה פשוט נמבע. נשארתי עם זהנראה לי שעה או משו כזה וזה תפס ממש! וגם עירבבתי כמות די גדולה של הצבע הורוד עם מעט יחסית מרכך~ ^^

    2. הווו, תודה רבה!! אני בהחלט אנסה זאת ^^