Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Yesterday's code, New hair color & Kiseki Shop's giveaway prize review!

Good Morning!<3

I woke up really early today, To spend a little more time with my family before they leave to school and work, Cause I'm going to meet Mayu in Tel Aviv today and I won't be at home when they come back~ Tonight I'm going back to Jerusalem cause I'm working tomorrow and also Hatuli is coming back^^

So the first thing I wanna tell you in this post is that I made a new Parapara video!^^
I uploaded it few days ago and then I forgot all about it lolXD So yesterday I edited ANOTHER ONE and I wanted to post about this one first^^
This dance called Minamijuji no hoshi and in the original video it is performed by Rumiringo<3 She's so so gorgeousT_T
Also, I love the gyaru style back then!<33 
So here it is^^ Hope you like it and of course the original video link is in the description~

Minamijuji No Hoshi

Yesterday I went to the dentist with my mom~ It was in the mall so we went to drink coffee and eat lunch after that^^ 
This was my outfit with 3 first time wore itemsXD

Hat...Gilfy X Tsubasa

I can't explain how much I love this hatXD It's PERFECT and I'm so happy I got it! I love Tsubasa's collaboration hatsT_T


Also, Yesterday I finally dyed my roots.
Last week I dyed my roots with this hair color:

I thought it would come out light enough but apparently it doesn't cover dark hair:| I guess there is not much bleach in it and it's mainly for light hair\white hair~
It came out like this:

Not light at all!
So finally I went back and bought my regular hair dye, Garnier 111.
I should have stick with the color I know that works for meT-T

I really pleased with the result and I'll post a dry hair pic next time^^
I really recommend this color if you want to dye dark roots and you don't want to tear from the amoniaXD

The next new thing is~
I finally got my new slippers from Kiseki Shop!
I won them on an Instagram giveaway^^

This is the pic from their webstore~

And those are the actual sleepers~ A little different but cute as hell so who caresXD

The product itself is in a good quality and it actually arrived very quickly, I just couldn't get them cause they were shipped to my parents house [I don't count on the mail office in Jerusalem so I order here:|]
After I won the giveaway I sent an email to Kiseki Shop to claim my prize and they answered very quickly and were very nice^^ They shipped it few days after~
Only one thing was a problem- I don't remember being asked what my size is and they are actually a bit small~ Only just a little bit but I think I should have got one size bigger~
Anyway I'm very pleased with them^^

 Thank you Kiseki Shop!<3

Also one last thing- Today is Family day\Mother's day and I wanted to say thank you to my family and to my mom and I'm really happy that lately I'm seeing them a lot cause it's so important to me, That even if I live with Hatuli now for almost 3 years I still feel this is also my home and not only ma family house that I go and visit~ I know it's not like that for everyone and I wanna thank my parents for that^^
And also my sister will soon have a new baby and I wish her all the good luck and can't wait to meet him:DD
Aaaaaand also I'm happy that even if I didn't have time with my family today yesterday we did and also I spent the day with mom^^

So now I'm gonna organize my stuff so I won't stress right before I have to leave as alwaysXD
Oh and I forgot to say that today is finally a little more sunny then the last few days~^^ It's still kinda cold but the sun is up and I'm happy:D

Have a lovely sunny day!




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