Saturday, January 14, 2017

Amekaji gets & outfit [And I'm still sick]


just came here to tell you I'm still sick and I hate winter.

Well no not really... I wanted to blog a little cause I have free time for a change but of course I have to feel bad during my only free days or maybe that's for the best? I don't know.

So now for the interesting stuff>_>

Some Amekaji winter gets!

CO&LU tshirt<3 I love every detail on itT_T

Some off brand plaid shirt with patches, Again I love every detail XD

I can't wait to wear them<33
I already make coords for them but it's a little too cold:{ In Jerusalem at least.

And here is some random casual outfit I was wearing to run errands with Hatuli~

Sweatshirt...Castro men
Hat...Wakatsuki Chinatsu
Bag...Wakatsuki chinatsu


Now I think I'll just lay down and watch some more VH1 even though it's crap
I just feel so sick:(

I hope you will have a better weekend guys!



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