Thursday, January 21, 2016

Urbanica shopping, Couple code & Inspiration pics!

Hey Hey!^^

Quick up before I go to work!
I'm glad I could find a little time to do it!:D
So! In today's post- Some gets from a new store, Outfits and inspiration pics!:)

Last weekend I went shopping for Hatuli with him and his mom~ They live in Ashkelon which is close to Ashdod so we could go to 'BIG Center' there that has tons of stores and open on Saturday:D
There is a new Israeli store, I don't know If I should call it brand cause it's mostly import fashion but the name is Urbanica and it's owner and producer is the Israeli model bar Refaeli~ 
There are only 2 stores in Israel, one is in Ashdod which is kinda far from me usually but I'm happy I had the chance to check it out for the first time^^
At first I though "ugh imported fashion that everybody buys what could be possibly so good?" BUT! There was a sale that EVERYTHING was 49.9 NIS or less which is *NOTHING* basically.
 It's so cheap. And the concept is kinda Amekaji-ish so I was happy that I found many stuff I liked [Not too happy cause I'm broke and had to choose only 2 item]. Anyway! I bought those  items and I'm happy to say the quality is way better then I expected!


Wool dress

Plaid shirt

The shirt is actually men's shirt and I bought it cause Hatuli and I wanted to buy the same shirt, But I bought the smallest size and it sits really nicely~ I wish I had money for more of those.
And this is us wearing the shirts for school:D

Hat-Jaffa st. Jerusalem | Jeans-Tamnoon | Boots-Allenby st. TLV

Of course the reference for this was this:

We had fun to match our coords so we thought about trying it again some time:D

And for yesterday's outfit for school~ 
Again Amekaji, kinda basic and omg it was so cold. I was wearing 2 pantsXD

Sweatshirt...from Korea
Denim shirt...second hand

I have this Snoopy pin since forever I thinkXD I really need to buy more of those. 
Also I really want some Snoopy items and I can't find anything:((


So that's about it~
Now for the inspiration pics I was too lazy to post the last 2 posts lol.
Mainly Amekaji, Lots of gyaru Tsubasa pics*_*

So now I really have to get dressed. Hope I won't finish my shift too late I so tired and I have to wake up early tomorrow to do more homework:(((
Tomorrow in the evening though, I meet the gals and I sleep at Nettan's so I really can't wait! Then another weekend of homework to death but first things firstT_T

Bye Bye!




  1. Omg you were in Ashdod T_T god dammit

  2. OMG me and my bf also do twinning with same lumberjack shirts XD
    cuties! <3
    And don't bother yourself with thinking about next week homeworks and just enjoy the present time of freedom and fun <3!

  3. Ah that couple twinning is so cute!
    Amekaji suits you so much! I love seeing all of your outfits >//////<