Sunday, January 10, 2016

THANK YOU! [And also some coords & Amekaji haul!XD]

How are you today? As I promised I'm posting more often [well 2 days after the last post lol], And in today's post I'll show you my new nails, Some school coords & Amekaji haul from Friday:D

But first thing I want to say is~
Yesterday was the day that HYPER Gyarusa published the Gaijin Gyaru Awards nominees and I found out I'm in it in 3 categories:OOO

 I was SHOCKED. Cause seriously, I was 100% sure that I won't get in there!! And also Akipoyo is there at the Best Gyarusa category!!! 
I'm in "Best Overall Coords", "Best Hime(kaji)", and "Sweetest". WOW! I have to say to the people who voted for me-
You don't know how much it means to me. And also now I feel even more inspired to be a better gal! 
Again. Thank you so much for voting for me and my Gyarusa!<33333

 I did my nails last week! This is my second design since I had my scalped nails again:D
My last nails were kinda simple and sweet, But this time I wanted something more Rokku\gyaru kei-ish~ More like Kanako Kawabats\Old style Tsubasa style, That really inspires me lately^^

It's defiantly not perfect, But I like them a lot^^ I should really buy more nail polish since I'm now back into the nail art business lol... All the nail polish I had is already dryT_T
I'm already thinking about my next design for next week:D Something colorful.. maybe leopard? 

And for 2 outfits for school, Again from last week^^

I got this Lowry's Farm set from Moepi!

Knit...Lowry's Farm
Dress...Lowry's Farm
Black tights brand Allenby st. Tel Aviv


And my hair~ Without my bangs for a change!:O What do you think?


Dress...My Mom's
Shoes...Shinjuku ALTA

Minnie Mouse pin from Disneyworld^^

I used  hairclips I got from TOPTEN as shoe accessories lol


And for my Amekaji haul!
You probably know if you follow me on IG or here on my blog that I'm really into Amekaji style in the past few months^^ So I though I'd get some new clothes that fits this style, And there is an Israeli brand called FOX that has lots of Amekaji clothes^^ Also at FOREVER21 you can find cute stuff!



off brand & Accessorize

Also there are many sales now in Israel, And FOX has 2+2 sale that is really cool!
Can't wait to coord with my new clothes^^ I should really get some plaid shirts in many colors lol

So that's it for today's post~ A little boring but I don't have much time cause I have to do some homework! But well... Maybe just a little bit of inspiration?:D

 Oh 2012.... :(

So! Now I really have to go!
Tomorrow I have lunch with my family and this weekend I'm going to Hatuli's parents. I hope I'll have time to post again tomorrow!

Have a lovely day!




  1. I'm so happy for you! Hopefully you'll win one of the categories <3