Sunday, January 17, 2016

PiyoMinnie twin date & Gets!

Hi Hi!

How are you today?^^ 
It's been a week since my last post!
 I'm kinda sand that I don't post everydayT_T I just don't have time! 2 weeks till the final presentations and I'm getting anxious more and more everyday:( ugh
Anyway I don't want to talk about school!>< I feel that blogging is actually helping me to feel better<3

So on Friday I had another date with Mayu:D
 We decided to make twin outfits in a casual-sweet-amekaji style^^

This was my makeup~

And my coordinate~ One of my favorite style ever, With one of my favorite brands<333

Hoodie...Ank Rouge brand
Bag...Ank Rouge brand
Glasses...eBay brand [Shenkin hat shop TLV]



Out outfits:D

We went to eat in Piazza and I had again my favorite salad lol


When we refreshed out makeup before we left we notices how obsessed we are lol

Then we went to do a little bit shopping:D

We went to Dizingoff center to buy Japanese sweets at Mizra
And we took some picsXD


Then we went to King George st & Allenby st like old times^^ It was a nice sunny day:D

And we even met Noy while walking on King George st!

Then after we bought some stuff [lol] I had to goT_T I spent the weekend at Hatili's parents house in Ashkelon which is kinda far so the bus was even earlier then my usual bus. 

This is what I bought~

From Central station TLV~

25 NIS

30 NIS

20 NIS

30 NIS

From a store at Allenby st~
20 NIS

I'm planning to put a pompom on it:D

And the Matcha Pocky was 12.5 NIS^^

It was so so so fun!
I love it when I meet friends on Friday cause it gives me a happy thought to hold during my bitter weekT0T
Even though I don't always have tome to meet:((

And for some school coords from last week~
Those two look kinda similar I think, But they felt different lol
Actually I felt that last week wasn't my best><

Top...Second hand from Anki
Black tights



Sweatshirt...Ank Rouge
Skirt...FOREVER21 brand
Shoes...Shinjuku ALTA



And that's it!
I won't put any inspiration pics today I'm sorryT_T But I really have to get back to my homework!
Next post I promise!

I wish you all a great week!<3



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