Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mama Date!

I have some time before work~ I finished chapter 5 [!] and did some laundry and now I sit here in my still messy apartment and I blog:DD

A while ago there was a lecture about Japanese summer festivals at the Japanese embassy in Tel Aviv, So I had a date with mom:D

My make~

And my outfit at the gorgeous building of the embassy:OO

Shorts...Liz Lisa
Bag...Liz Lisa

There was some art exhibition or something like that at the reception and it was sol beautiful

This one's kinda creepy but...

I really liked the colors and the minimalism of everything

Chibi mama

After that we went to eat lunch before I have to go back to Jerusalem so we shared this salad:D
And didn't finish cause it was too much thoX_X

Also, I did Nofar's nails few weeks ago^^
Summer paisley nails<3

It looks like a photo in the background but it's real live AmirXDDD
We were looking for a beautiful background to take the photo........

And one last thing- The wonders of Snow app<3

I'm Innu

I'm SerikamachoXD

OK now for real one last thing~
I really like Chinpan lately! I'm looking through her blog and I love her style so muchT_T
 She makes me want to cut my hairXD

I'm thinking about doing a big Chinpan inspiration post, What do you think? Does anyone else like her?:D

So this was a short post but I' don't have much time so I hope I'll have more time for a longer post tomorrow!

Have a great day!



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