Monday, August 15, 2016

Essence Bronze eyeshadow palette & Mousee makeup

Long time since my last post:(
I'm writing a lot lately so I rarely do anything else on my laptop. Well, Now I'm at home, and soon I'll have to go to work, And I just finished a 4th chapter so it's time for a new postXDDD

It's not so recent but~
Went to visit my family for the weekend^^ It's so hot these days and I hate waiting at bus stations all the timeT__T

I'm not tired of summer yet though~ People start talking about how they miss winter and I'm here like "Summer just started bring it on!!" T_T

At my parents house~ Tutti had a haircut for summerXD So cute and ugly<3

A very casual outfit~

Shirt...Olive des olive
Sandals...Liz Lisa

We did BBQ for dinner and since I don't eat meat my dad made all kinds of vegetables for me:DD


And! My mom got me 2 Essence products~ 
Eyeshadow palette & Mousse makeup.

I love!!!!!! the eyeshadow palette!



They also had a similar one called "NUDE" but I likes this one better^^
I usually use the upper ones cause I like the cold shades of brown but I really like the other ones too^^ 


And the mousse makeup~

Took the darkest shade lol
And I realized after using it twice that it is NOT for summer days:X
I really like the texture but on my face it gets really heavy for summer and I get oily really fast;O So I'll keep it for colder days..
The color is nice though and it's a little tricky using it with long nails but I found a wayXDD

And one last thing- Hatuli got me this cute teddy bear :D
He is George's new friend~

And now I'm gonna go and make another coffee, And maybe I'll start another post cause I have tie before work^^ Or should I start chapter 5?:::D

Have a lovely day everyone!



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