Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Movie Night & Gets!

Hi Hi!

Long time no post:(( I'm lazy. Also I had other stuff to do but I could find time and I was just.. lazy:((
So I decided to make a quick post now before I'll start working on a longer one about Harajukufest!

So I wanted to tell you about a movie I watched some time ago and also about my new gets^^

A while ago I went to a movie festival we had in Jerusalem to watch a movie with Hatuli~ We only watched one even though there were many good one!

This was my random outfitXD


The movie we watched called The Neon Demon~ It was supposed to be like a very fashion-art movie with Elle Fanning~

Well, It WAS art. Everybody HATED it and said it was boring and stupid and what not but Hatuli and I really loved it lol
First of all, The shots were beautiful and it was kinda scary even though it wasn't a horror movie like we thought it would be.
Elle Fanning is just.............

She's perfect i that movie. I loved it and I recommend you to watch it even though it had such bad reviews! 
Especially if you like fashion cause the whole movie looks like one big fashion shoot.

On our way back there were beautiful lights on the trees^^ I don't know why but it was really nice<3

I had great time and I'm happy that Hatuli and I both loved the movie!

And now for something else~ Gets!XD

So first of all, I got this salopette by Holy Gal for the Harajukufest fashion show^^

And I got those 2 items from my aunt!Yay for second hand<3

And one last thing~ Adorable Barbie setup<33 I don't remember if I have already posted it here but if I didn't...........
I really LOVE the colorsT_T

So Hatuli and I finished making our dinner and already ate and soon go to sleep~ I'm going to get my nails done tomorrow morning and then going to another date with mom:D

46.1 kg

I'll try posting more like I used to.. I don't have an excuse;-; Oh! And there is another date for an Israeli gyaru meetup!:D Next week- 10.8 Wednesday!:> If you like gyaru fashion please come and meet us at Dizingoff Center!:DD

Good Night!



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