Saturday, August 20, 2016

Groupie Day! [&orange makeup XD]

How are you today?
I hope everyone enjoying their weekend~
I'm at home before work as usual, And I can't write a thing so I've decided I'll post here insteadXD
So what's new?
First of all, 2 days ago I went with Innu to the beach and had a lot of fun, But I didn't tan as much as I though I wouldT_T Also, I got really addicted to Twitter lately so if you want to see more recent updates and some Beatles shit I post there it's @GeorgiePiyo XD

So today's post is also a little bit Beatles related~ A groupie date with momXD
So in the morning of that day I went to the nail salon and on my way I saw this:

It's really nice I love those decorations in JerusalemXD
Then after I finished there I went to visit Hatuli at work and on my way I met 2 girls from my Bezalel class and I had coffee with them:D

Theeen after I did go to visit Hatuli I went home and got dressed and went to Tel Aviv to meet my mom cause we wanted to go to an event there~

Amekaji look!

[Also you can see better the new color of my hair I blogged about last time]

I used Essence pastel palette [Light orange & light blue eye shadows], Orange blush & Orange lipstick

I used a little bit of this off brand orange blush cause it's REALLY orange and then I blended it a little with the Candy doll flamingo pink blush^^ brand

The event we went to called Animix and it was like a comics & animation convention for a few days, But we went there only to see new illustrations by famous Israeli artists of an Israeli band called Kaveret~

And why?
When my mom was 12 she was really obsessed over that band, And when I was 14 I got to know them too even though they are way past my time [ahmTheBeatlesahm] and I really love them too so now we love them togetherXD
They are really cool band and I don't think there is Israeli music I like more then them, They were funny alsoXD
A 1975 concert of Kaveret:

You can see the band members at the beginning with their names and they're all goofy and doing stupid things lol
I really love themXD
So! We went to that small exhibition that was even smaller then we thought but it was fun:D

Some people say that Kaveret are the Israeli Beatles well, I agree in some aspects:P

There were a lot more but I only took photos of some that I especially liked^^

Then we went to Roladin to drink coffee and then we went home, And because my dad and little brother went camping we were alone so we've decided to continue with the groupie behavior and did a slumber party
(Do we look alike?)

And watched Beatles movies!XD
My all time favorite- A Hard Day's Night

Why is George so handsome?

Then we watched Help! and George again was so handsome

It was so fun lol
I love how we have that in commonXD
Of course my mom is not obsessed over a band anymore and I do even though I shoudn't really [XD] but.. yeah.

So now I have 40 minutes until I need to get ready for work. Should I start that Summer layering post? Hmm...

Btw, I feel like all the gyaru comm is silent lately.. Almost no one posts at the Sekai No Gyarusa comm anymoreT_T Where is everyone??

Well.. I'll stop hereXD
Have a lovely weekend everyone~




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