Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Date! (Rokku outfit)

This is the second morning that I wake up grumpy lately, I'm not sure why.

Maybe I should stop looking at my phone the minute I wake up cause it might have something to do with it:|
Anyway~ A while ago Hatuli & I went ona fun day in Tel Aviv^^ We didn't do that for a while~
We went shopping for Hatuli (didn't find a thing) and to some stores that we wanted to look at and ate lunch, And in the evening we went to an exhibition by his friend^^

My makeup that day~ Kinda rokku ish
Top lashes are Kiss Me Heroine

Tshirt...Shuk Bezalel
Belt...Tally Weijl

I have that belt for agesXD I got it when I was 15 in Munich when we went to the exchange program from highschool lolz
I was such an emo kid
thank god I don't throw everything away thoXDD

Also that tshirt was 10 nis at shuk BezalelXD

I was inspired by an old outfit of Chinpan, Even though I don't have a good pic of all the outfit, You can get the ideaXD

I REALLY want that necklace & belt T0T Not fair.

Hatuli & me on the bus playing around with Snow

At king George st I spotted a Paul McCartney t shirt and was super excitedXD people were looking at me.

Our luch! SabichXD I'm inove.

umm nom

Hatuli drinking fresh juice for dessert:D

Chibi Piyo

My gets from that day cause of course Hatuli didn't find a thing but I didXD

That Paulie shirt I had to get. 10 nis

Bought them in another color!:D
I use the black ones so much I had to get the white ones as well<3
30 nis at TFS

Glasses [Finally found nice red ones] and a ring I fell inlove with, But it's so big:( I have to figure out what to do about itXD

So that's it for this post.
Actually I haven't even drink my coffee yet and I have to go to work in like 40 minutesT_T And I feel a little sick since the day before yesterday:( But! At least tomorrow there is Camicon [Who's coming?] So I have something fun to look for today at work lol

Have a great day!



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