Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cami 2016~!

How is everyone's weekend?
I'm now at home, After yesterday's meetup I went to Hatuli's parents and we all went to a restaurant, And today they brought us back to Jerusalem cause Hatuli had to work;;

In today's post I wanna tell you about the summer event Camicon hat was last month^^
Like every year the summer event is happening is Jerusalem which is great for me cause it's super close to my houseXD
This year I went with Innu and Noy!

My makeup~

And hair~!

Which at some point hurt me cause it's too heavy [XD] so I had to change it lol

Dress...Tally Weijl
Shoes...Spring brand\Accessorize\TOPTEN
Bag...Samantha Vega

I didn't really know what to wear until late at the night before the con lol so it's pretty random~

With Innu chan that was Tsu chan actuallyXD

Sitting behind Noy's Panda Shop booth~

At the bathroomXD

I just couldn't resist it:

At some point we went to the central station that was really close to get cold drinks~ I got Ice cookies:D

Next to the Japanese embassy boothT_T

With Hadar<3


It was fun at the con but I think I prefer the ones in Tel Aviv even though they're not close to meXd Cause there isn't much to do in JerusalemT_T
Well, Next event is Icon next month:> Who's coming? I think I'll go to 1~2 days but still don't know which, It depends on my friends. I bought some wigs I wanna try so I hope I'll get them soon:33

Well, Now I'm gonna go and make another cup of coffee as usual, And try to avoid the fact that Eight Days A Week is already available in Hulu cause I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to go to work after I watch itXD

Have a lovely evening!



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