Saturday, September 3, 2016

Tips for layering summer clothes~!

Hi again!^^

Today I want to make a post about something that has been very inspiring to me and helped me through my style crisis this summerXD


What does it mean?

Well, After the last winter I changed my gyaru style almost completely to Amekaji, I struggled with how do I make it interesting also in summer. I find layering clothes very important in Amekaji and in gyaru kei in general so I tried to use that technique also in summer, even though sometimes it gets really hot, Layering doesn't always have to be that heavy.
For example-
Wakatsuki Chinatsu
[Black tshirt X Long dress X Light lace vest]

So I've been working on that layering technique all summer and I bought some stuff that helped me with that and made my outfits more interesting^^

Also I must add, That of course we can always depend on brand clothing that will look gal enough but what if we want to be more original?
Layering is almost as if you create your own clothes and you can be very original with it, you just have to try and practise coordinating^^

So first of all, Here are some of the things you can use in summer layering:

Cute colorful bra tops

These are great for very hot summer days, You can create 2 layer outfit and still they add a cute colorful touch

There are many styles of bra tops, I personally like the lace ones and also the ones that has interesting straps like X on the back and things like that..

Over size crop tops

It can be with or without sleeves, But the over size make it easier to wear as a top layer and it's not too hot either~ 

Here for example the queen of layering Kawabata Kanako~

Long tank tops

Interesting tank topsXD

Those can be used mostly for the bottom layer but also as a top layer with a bra top~

Button & Decorative pins

I like to add them to my outfits cause they give a cute and interesting touch and also they can be used for a layering teqnic I'll be talking about later in this post^^

So as I said before, The easiest lightest way for layering is tank top with cute bra top~ Here for example:

This tank top is actually men's shirt so it's very open in the sides, So you can see the bra top^^

Here I added cute buttons to make the plain white top more interesting~

Another simple way is a vest on top of a t shirt of tank top~

Here for example- Kumicky

Over size T with tank top~

Here for example the slightly transparent T looks cuter cause you see the pink stripes not only in the bottom of it but also through the shirt itself~

Don't be afraid to use multiple patterns!

especially in Amekaji, It looks very cute if you combine 2 different kinds of patterns^^

Here for example- Chinpan

Bloused with buttons are also very important in layering since you can use it in several different ways~

One way it to tie it half way on top of a dress

Here is Chinpan again~!

And another way is to leave it open on top of a T\tank top\dress\everything

Also a cute thing you can do is to close only one button on the middle of the shirt, I don't have an example pic, But you get the idea:D

Another way to create a "new" item using 2 different items is to put a tight crop top on top of a strapless top


Some more examples, This time layering 2 tank tops~

Kawabata Kanako

And a T shirt over a onepiece

And now my next tip one that I found very important:
Don't forget the back.

I mean, When you make a coord, One way to make it 2 times cuter is to pay attention to what's going on in the back, That can sometimes be even more interesting than the front~

Here for example my favorite way- Different style of straps can look cut on the back even if the front looks kinda plain~

Here for example:

For that you can use of course tops that looks cute in the back like those:

And also bra tops with cute straps:

The next tip can help you create 3 layers~

Tie the top layer in one side so the bottom layer is slightly seen^^

What I like to do is use a rubber band to tie the shirt and them pin a button on top of it to hide the rubber band~

Here is Aritan with Cocolulu coord, You can see the tie teqnic^^

More examples:

Overalls are life. That is something I have to say in generalXD
Well, They give you a very good opportunity to layer clothes~

Kanako chan~

I like to wear overalls like that, Open in one side, So you can see the top I'm wearing under is!

3 layers:

Another way that I didn't really try yet but I'm gonna [XD] is bra\bra top with cute straps under a strapless top~

Like here in Chinpan's coord:

Try to find bras that has cute straps, There are actually alot of them everywhereXD

Another one I want to try is a basic white T shirt as the bottom layer:

I find it very cute and I think it can be used to make fancy items more casual~


Yet another thing I have to try. I don't have many belts but I think I want to get some and try them in layering cause they do ass a cute touch^^

Well that's it for my summer layering post!
I hope you found it useful, And of course I always sorry for my awkward English but I tried my best XD
Now that it's the end of summer [T_T] you can try and use some of those techniques cause the days are getting less hot:P
Also, This is a way to make your everyday clothes cuter, more interesting and more gal-ish:D

Thank you for reading! I'll be happy to head what you think^^




  1. אהבתי את הפוסט הוא ממש מושקע כל הכבוד!!
    מודה שאני לא מסוגלת להתלבש ככה בקיץ אני מתההה מחום גם עם שכבה אחת חחח
    אבל עוד מעט סתיו אז הכל בסדר :)

    1. תודה רבה!^^
      זהו אז עכשיו מתחילה תקופה שזה דווקא סבבה ללבוש כמה שכבותXD

  2. תודה רבה רבה על הפוסט! :D
    הוא מאוד מגוון ונתת רעיונות מצוינים. אני ממש אוהבת את הסטייל שלך וקוראת פה קבוע, אבל פעם ראשונה מגיבה. :)
    הלוואי שהייתי מוצאת יותר בגדים תחתונים חמודים כמו אלה שבתמונות :(
    החזיות בתמונה הראשונה מקסימות ממש!
    תוכלי אולי מתישהו לעשות פוסט לסוגים שונים של לוק עם חצאית שחורה למשל? *blush*
    אני ממש קלולס בהתאמות מגוונות של בגדים בסיסיים והייתי שמחה לראות פוסט כזה ממך. :D

    1. ווהה~! תודה רבה!^^
      בגדים תחתונים חמודים אפשר למצוא ממש בקלות בחנויות זולות כאלה בכלמיני תחנות מרכזיות\רחובות כמו קינג ג'ורג' ואלנבי\שווקים!!

      ואני ממש אשמח לעשות פוסט כזה!:D רק אם את יכולה לכוון אותי- איזה סוג של חצאית שחורה?
      גזרת A\צמודה?
      גזרה גבוהה?
      שאדע בערך לאן לכוון^^

    2. חח זה אחד החסרונות בלגור רחוק מהמרכז! ><
      אם אני עושה קניות בתל אביב למשל אני בדרך כלל הולכת לקניונים ופחות מסתובבת בחנויות ברחובות. O:
      אבל אני לוקחת את העצה שלך! :D

      ותודה רבה רבה! :D
      גזרת A בעיקר O:
      לפעמים אני רואה שאת משלבת כל מיני פריטים ככה שגם אם את לובשת פריט ספציפי כמה פעמים אז בכל שילוב הוא מקבל ממש אופי אחר ואני ממש אוהבת את הדרך בה את עושה את זה X3