Saturday, September 3, 2016

UP! Outfit, Accessory gets & Nails~

Good Morning!

Well it's not morning anymore but I woke up lateT_T
I went to sleep so late last night:(( 
So today I wanted to make a light update^^ I want to make the summer layering post later today~ 
And don't get me started about how summer is overT____T

Anyway, Here is an outfit of some time ago when I went to my parents' house~
Buzz Spunky is love<3

Tshirt...Buzz Spunky
Shorts...Buzz Spunky
Accessories...SBY, TOPTEN


Also the last nail set I did~ Even though I already have new one [that I haven't decorated yetX:]. The style was Rokku and inspired by old school Gilfy^^

And I also did a short version for Nofar:D

So yesterday I was very productive~ I woke up early and ran some errands in the city, Then I came home and did lots of laundryXD And dishes. And what not~ But I'm happy I finally had time for that!

My glamorous look of yesterday~

Maxi dress from FOX, Tshirt from Dip Drops and my beloved new necklace from.. eBayXD

I got that necklace and also that fake Vivianne Westwood ring [one day I will have enough money for the real one, amen]~

I really like the ring but the necklace.... I'm inloveT_T
I bought it cause it reminded me of Tsubasa's old Justin Davis necklace.. I'll find a pic~


I really like the Black & White but I couldn't find something just like that and obviously I don't have enough for the real one lol
So! I found something that is the closest I could get^^

Here are some other Justin Davis stuff that I wish I hadT_T:

[The nails tho...............................]

Well.. Someday maybeT_T 
Along with the Vivianne stuff lol

And here are some other small gets!

My mom got me those 2 nail polishes at Superpharm and the blue one is like "enamel polish" which is actually true it would last much longer then a regular one and it looks shiny all the time!:O I have to get it in more colors!

Also cute straps for 5 nis from central station in Jerusalem^^

And some Rokku style accessories from that random accessory shop in King George street where everything is 2 nis :O

And also yesterday I went to Max stock which is like the Israeli DaisoXD It's not 100en shop but everything is cheap and cute lol
So I foung home decor stuff~ Those pillows and the pineapple thingy each one for 20 nis^^
Also the straw box from FOX home and the cute glass from IKEA

Even on winter days my house will look like summer:(((

So that's it for today's post sorry for all the random not very interesting stuff lol
I promise next post will be betterXD

Have a great day everyone!



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