Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Breakfest~! [Outfit & GetsXD]

It's already the middle of September but for me we're still in August. I won't give up on summer so easily!T_T
I notices I only made 3 posts up until now [for this months] and I hate it! I need to blog more!!:( It's probably cause I'm on Twitter all the time>_>

A month ago [!] I went with my family to eat breakfast at Sarona~

Bra top...Gina
Bag...Cher brand\eBay\TOPTEN


I really love this color combination- Pink & Blue


At Max Brenner!

I had this crepe with egg & cheese it was really goodT_T

Also- my coffeeXD

When I was waiting for my brother while he bought at Diesel~


Then after breakfast we went to may grandparents

The art of photography-


Also- some small gets!

Two fluffy shushus from a random store at Jerusalem's central station~ I liked them so much that I bought all colors after thatXD
Colorful summer tattoos from TOPTEN [Hibiscus!<333] 
AaaaandXD two necklaces from TOPTEN Kids [my favorite] that are actually like a "best friends" necklaces but I liked them both so I bought them to myselfXD I think it say a lot about meXDD

When I was at MAXstock [the Israeli daisoXDD] my mom got me this angry spatula and this colorful children's necklace that I use at double braceletXD

Cute tank top that I liked cause it felt kinda oldschool [and cost only 10 nis] at King George st~

Well that's it for this post~ I will post another one today I think cause this one was so short that I have time to do another oneXD Maybe another outfit post:>

I wish you all a great day!<3



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