Saturday, June 11, 2016

Going to the beach with Innu & Akipoyo meetup! (and shoppingXD)

How are you today?
I'm in my apartment for a changeXD I haven't been here a lot lately:( And tomorrow I have to go againT_T
On Monday there is an event called Shirofest in Tel Aviv and I'm going^^ Nettan & I are doing a PD stand for second hand clothes and handmade accessories:D If you're coming to Shirofest come and visit us!<3

Today's post is very summer-ish:D
I went to the beach with Innu 2 weeks ago^^ Then after we met the gals and had a Gyarusa meeting!

My make~

Tunic...Second hand
Shorts...CO&LU brand
Hair accessory...FOREVER21
Bracelet...a present from Nettan<3

PiyoBee at the beach!


I was wearing a bikini top from H&M I bought last summer and he bottom is from ZARA~

We did golden tattoos!


Check out my Vine to see videos from that day~ @georgiepiyo



So after the beach I got cold coffee and we met with Nettan~ Then we went to Dizingoff Center and then to King George st. to look at local stores:D

Then we Mayu also joined us~<3

Akipoyo Love!

Trying out some accessories

yes this is an accessory.

Then Nettan had to go home and the 3 of us went to some more shops and then to get coffee:D

We went to Loveat my favorite place<3
I had cafe latte with white chocolate*Q* yummy

Then I think we did some more shopping lol and then we had to go home:( I always hate the end of meetingsT_T
 But we met again after this one lol so that's okXD

And this is what I bought:

Rip Curl dress for 10 nis!!!!*_* I can't express my happiness lol
Thanks to Nettan that found it for meXD


Fancy dress that Innu and I both bought for 5 nis!!!!! omg this is the cheapest ever lol

TNT hibiscus bikini for 25 nis^^

Gorgeous shoes that doesn't have huge heels finally. Only 50 nis at Scoop outlet~

And that's it for today~!
I really need to clean my apartment cause it's so messy:( why is it messy all the time??T_T It's hard to be a grown up.

So see you in my next post!



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