Sunday, June 19, 2016

Akipoyo Night Out!

Well it's not really morning but I woke up a little while ago cause I was working in the evening and went to sleep at 5 am T_T

Two weeks ago [I thinkXD] I had a night out with my gals:D

My make~
Lashes- Diamond Lash Beauty Eye
Lenses- Dueba Gossip brown
Lipstick- Candy Doll Ramune pink

 And outfit~ Onee style this time^^

Bag...Samantha Vega
Hello Kitty X Rady doll
Necklace...BLESS brand


Do you know the app 'egg'?? It was a link on LINE camera that looked cuteXD

It's actually a video app so it's even funnier lol
check out my Vine account @Georgiepiyo to see some XD

With Innu and Mayu at the pub

we were at a small bar and then we went to Nettan's and then tried to look for another place cause we wanted something like a party\dance bar but there was NOTHING interesting in Tel Aviv that night! So annoying. We went to one place that was so full we couldn't even go in:( So eventually we found a place and sat there for a while and also had something to eat lol

They had fancy knives

Then we went out and just hang and it was so funny lol Innu and I did a Party Monster video and other stupid thingsXDD
Then Nettan was tired so she went home and Innu, Mayu & I had to wait until morning for the bus home so we went to sit at 'Benedict' which is like a breakfast place.
I had this one:D

And also because the morning after was the supposed to be the pride parade in Tel Aviv, Suddenly Lea DeLaria went in lol it was so wierd. She was nice thoughXD The waitress came to her and asked if she can take a picture with her and she was like, "oh I'm so sorry usually I would say yes but I'm so drunk so if you want we can make out" XDDDD

Then when the buses started again we all went home and I was SO TIRED omg lol
We have to go out again!:O But this time we have to decide where we're going firstXDD

So now Hatuli also woke up and we are soon going to IKEA to buy some stuff for our apartment^^ I'm happy that we finally have time to go:O Also this week is finally the Israeli Gyaru meeting yay:D
I think I know what I'm gonna wear and u?XD

So Have a good day everyone!
 I might make another post later today when I get home^^



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