Friday, June 24, 2016

Israeli Gyaru Meet-Up! ♪

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday was a very special event~ The Israeli Gyaru meet up!^^

We met in Tel Aviv at Dizingoff Center~ It took some time until everybody got there but eventually we were a big group:D

My makeup and hair for the meeting

Top lashes - Diamond lash beauty eye
Bottom lashes - Diamond lash cute eye
Lenses -  Dueba king grey from

And my outfit^^

Dress...Liz Lisa Doll
Bangles...ODEM [rip] lol
Flower bracelet...FOREVER21

We found a spot and concurred itXDD

"Act natural? Something like this?"


Innu looks like a Delyle Noir shopstaff<3



And InnuXDD

Noy chan<3

Nono chan<3



Also we finally could explain better how to apply lashes:D I helped Almog & Noga and Mayu helped Olga^^ I'm happy that finally I could explain normally not on FB cause it's never as clear

I had Ice coffee with cookies at Aroma~ It's so goodT_T


Also we did a little Parapara:D This one I think is 'Night of Fire'. I wish we had a videoT_T

Tired and hot after parapara


At some point most people had to leave but some of us stayed and went to look at some shops and eat at Makudonarudo lol I actually only had coffeeXDDD

With Mayu, Noy & Bunny<33

Flamingo Kiss^^

After that Mayu and I took the but to her home but I'll blog about it next time^^

Also! Check out my Vine to see some videos from yesterday^^

Here are my meeting getsXD

A cute pajama for 15 nis~ I actually forgot to take one to Mayu's so I bought it, But I consider to wear it outside as well lol lol

Hello Kitty buttons & Mickey Mouse nail stickers^^

I wonder what to do with my nails next time, Cause I'm gonna to do them next week:OO I want something colorful and cute but I don't know whatT0T

I had really great time at the meeting and I was so happy to see everyone and you were all pretty and fun and I can't wait for the next meet up!^^ 
Thank you for coming this time:>

And now I think I'm gonna go and dig into old blogs as alwaysXD I'll post my findings here next timeXDDD





  1. You're all so cute!! <3
    It's fantastic that the Israeli gyaru help one another like that. (´u`)

    1. Thank you so much!<3
      And we're such a small community right now we really want other girls that likes gal fashion to see that it's not that scary^^