Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Essence eyebrow pencil & Ikemegu style^^


How are you today?
Is it hot where you live as well?T_T Here is like hellXD 

Today I'm gonna post about a new eyebrow pencil I got from Essence~
I don't remember how much it cost but something like 13 nis which is super cheap. When you buy cheap makeup it's usually a problem lol but not with essence! I love almost every product that I buy from them. I didn't think about buying an eyebrow pencil from the though cause I had one I bought from SoftTouch, But I found out that I REALLY don't like the soft touch one cause it was too sticky.. You know when an eyebrow pencil is sticky and it leaves little pieces\chuncks [lol] when you draw the eyebrow...? Well Nettan told me to try the Essence one and I got it. And I love it!

I bought the 04-Blonde color that is actually brown but it's kinda ashy\grey compering to other "light brown" eyebrow pencils... It looks very natural even without eyebrow mascara!

Here I did use mascara [I usually do] but I also tried without is and it looked pretty natural.

I recommend it if you are looking for a natural colored eyebrow pencil! Of course if you prefer the very yellow blonde type it won't do it, And you might wanna try the Dolly Wink one, But with this one you can make a very elegant and soft look^^

And for something elseXD
I got 2 new dresses, Both are inspired by my beloved Megumi Ikeda AKA Ikemegu<3

Cecil McBee

Body Line

A dress from Body Line???
Well, Yeah. And I have a reasonXD
When I first found Gyaru I used to be addicted to 4 Gal models blogs: Tsubasa, Shizuka Muto, Suzu & Ikemegu.
I was INLOVE with the 4 of them but Tsubasa and Ikemegu were somehow even higher in the scaleXD So one time while I was looking at Ikemegu's blog I saw this dress:

She got it for her birthday party and it's from Baby The Stars Shine Bright. I thought, "Why a Lolita brand?", But then I saw the party pics:

And I though it looked perfectT_T
She didn't wear it with a blouse and Lolita accessories so on her it looked more Hime\Dolly and perfect<3 With that hair and nails... omg. So since then I REALLY wanted that dress, Or a dress that might look a bit like this one. And then I found that Body Line dressXDD
Well I know it's not half as perfect as hers, But it's perfect enoughXD And it really reminded me hers so I had to but it! And.. Now my birthday is coming...... I wonder..XD

So I thought that if I already rambled on and on about Ikemegu why don't I share with you some pics of her and her styleXD

So She was actually friends with Tsubasa [And Shizuka] and that's how I got to her blog~

She had a toy poodle name Kitty. It's a male dog tho XD

She was a model for Scawaii and her style was kinda Gyaru kei-Onee-Amekaji\surf

And one day on 2010 I think it was she just disappeared:O She was really popular so I have no idea why and I have no idea what happened to herT_T

I always really adore her hair~ goalsT_T

More from her bd partyXD

The hairT_________T

Also I think she is GORGEOUS. I know she doesn't really have a doll face like other models but she's so perfectT_T

She really inspired me when I started gyaru and now that I'm always looking for more inspiration I figured why don't I go back to my past inspirations and see what I can do with it now that I got better:>
I think I'm gonna dig her blog a little more and post here more inspiration pics of her:D
What do you think?

And for now- Have a lovely day everyone!




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    1. I love Ikemegu!! her coords were always super cute *O* <3

    2. I know right?T_T She's such hair goals:<<

  2. השמלה שלך יפה באותה מידה אם לא יותר והיא נראית ממש הסגנון שלך!!
    בכלל לא הייתי חושבת שזה מבודיליין