Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Recent outfits & Gets! (Cocolulu, Buzz Spunky, etc~)

Good morning!

Very quick update before work~ 

Lately my days are pretty boring, I'm at home and at work:( I don't really have time to meet my family and friends cause of work and when Hatuli is at home it's usually a little while before I have to leave\when I'm at work T_T
But! At least this weekend we'll have some time together^^

Also it's SO HOT.

But! I wanted to show you some recent gets and outfits^^ If you follow me on IG you probably already seen itXD

I got those 2 Buzz Spunky items^^ I'm inlove with the short! Wanted it for very long time in red cause of this pic:

But pink is even betterXDD

I want more Buzz clothes but they're so hard to find:( I want all their overalls!!T_T Why all the good stuff are closing?!?!

Also I got another short from CO&LU yay:D
Now I have to get some shirts and I'll be setXD

And some off brand stuff from a local store in Jerusalem called 'ZOYA', They also have a store in Tel Aviv~

This Rokku style bag:D for 30 NIS

Aloha Hibiscus maxi skirt<33333333
Also 30 NIS

And for some recent coords~

Shirt...off brand


Plaid shirt...central station TLV
Shorts...Dizingoff center


Accessories...off brand\eBay

Yeah yeah I know the shoesXD I just love them too much.
I really want to get pink & yellow Allstars as well but why so expansive all of the sudden?? When I bought those in high school they were 150 NIS and now it's 280??? wtf.

46.9 kg


So that's it for today's short post~
I'll post also about the second day in Disneyland soon but now I HAVE to go and get dressed for workXD

See you soon!



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