Sunday, June 12, 2016

Disneyland Part 3~!

Before I go start doing my hair and make, As I'm drinking my morning coffee I'm gonna do the part 3 of my Disneyposts^^

So on the third day we went to eat breakfast and right after we took a cab to an outlet of high fashion near by that called La Vallee~

This was my outfit for that day

Bag...Ank Rouge
Hat...Valentine's High

La Vallee was so beautiful! Everything was very expansive so I didn't buy anything but my mom some stuff to my brother lol
But I ate there this beautiful & yummy flower ice dream at Amorino~ Love it!<33

Then we went to a mall near by and a there I did buy some stuff [mostly presents lol] that I will post on my Paris shopping postXD After we ate lunch at the mall went back to Disneyland

The big ice cream day!
I ate Ben&Jerry'sXDisney ice creamXD Peanut Butter Cups  and Strawberry Cheesecake<3

With Michela at the Buzz Lightyear rideXD

Getting dark...

My beloved blanket<3 I'm so glad I bought it cause it was always so cold in the eveningXD

That evening was especially cold, While we were waiting for the fireworks show at the castle

Unfortunately I don't have pics of the showT_T But you can check out my Vine for videos~ @georgiepiyo

Then we went back to the hotel tired and freezing and happy lol
The next day we went to Paris, But I'll write about it in my next Disneypost!^^

And now I'm gonna get ready for lunch with my family, Yay!:D
Have a beautiful and fun day!



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