Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New Nails!


I'm supposed to go to sleep!!!:X Tomorrow morning I'm going to Tel Aviv, Mayu is finally finished her duty in the IDF and since tomorrow she's FREEEE!!:D

So there is like a small party\event for her at the base she used to serve at, Which is the one that I served at for 3\4 of my time in the armyXD So weird to go in there again after 5 years!:O
After that we're gonna go and hand a little before she has to go home~ Nettan & Moepi will be there too^^

So why am I here again??
To tell you that I have new nailsXD You might have seen them on IG, But if you didn't:
I broke one of my nails really badly and when I went to the nail salon to get them done I couldn't even stand the thought of her touching it lol so she didn't. I waited a few dais and then it was ok to replace the broken nail~

Goodbye Disney nailsT_T

And then I decorated them myself in a summer ish resort style^^

I really like the colors:> But most of the stones already fell off at work so I might do something else soon:( It might still be yellow thoughXD

And for some more pics from Shirofest:D



With my beloved Kiiroitori

Also one more thing that is new\not so much-
I dyed my roots, Finally!
I used this color as always and I'm very pleased with the result.



Actually I dyed it so it will look nice for Shirofest, I wanted it blonde for the look I did, But now I can dye it with my Beauteen Mango X Pink color that I've been waiting for so long to try:DD
I'm gonna dye it tomorrow when I get home^^ And I'll review and post pics after!:D Stay tuned<3



[yes this is coffee I drink coffee before I go to sleep:X]

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