Saturday, June 18, 2016

Imechen~New hair! (Beauteen Mango Pink hair dye)

Today's post will be a short review on a new hair dye kit I tried!

This is the first time I'm trying Beauteen, Before I only used western hair dye\Palty~

The color I chose is Mango Pink^^

As you can see it's kinda pinkish brown but it doesn't has the orange shade cause it had toner in it. I know that usually hair colors like that fades really quickly so it was important to me to use one with toner so my hair won;t be orange or brassy when it turns blonde again~

On the box you can see the results on each shade of blonde~ Mine was in some places the middle one and in some places [the bottom of my hair] more like the 3rd one.

Inside the box:

It had rubber gloves inside too. The pink bag is a hair treatment, And I must say it there was VERY LITTLE of it inside lol
So don't count on it

So I used 2 boxes because my hair is long and I was surprised by the fact that I even had to throw half of one of them away cause it was too much! Usually when I use Garnier\Loreal I have to use 2 boxes and I use every drop but with this one, If you have shorter hair or thinner hair you can use only one box! 
When you mix the color with the bleach [The bottle and the tube] they're both white, But it's slowly becoming very purple, And on your hair it's like a very dark pink.
I stayed with it for 45~50 minutes and then I washed it.



I was so happy that it was actually pink! Also I must say this is the first time in my life that the color on the box looks like the real hair color you get after using it lol

I don't know how long it's gonna stay on my hair but I recommend it still cause I really like the result and also it was very easy to use and had a lot inside so I didn't ran out of color in the middle like I always do lol

What do you think??^^

And now I have to go to workT_T If you have any questions please feel free to ask!:D




  1. ג׳ורג׳י זה מהמםםםם!!! יפהפייה!
    תוכלי לשים תמונות בשמש?? מעניין אותי איך זה נראה באור ^-^

  2. ג׳ורג׳י זה מהמםםםם!!! יפהפייה!
    תוכלי לשים תמונות בשמש?? מעניין אותי איך זה נראה באור ^-^

    1. תודה רבה!^^ ורגע מי זה למה אנונימיT_T
      אין בעיה אשים תמונה בפוסט הבא:D