Friday, October 14, 2016

Job Search.....

Hi again!

So before I go to sleep, Another post about recent stuff lol
I try to keep up with everything that happened and I don;t know how:(

Anyway. A few weeks ago Hatuli and I went for a job search for me~
We went to Mamila [which is like a fancy shopping center in Jerusalem] and I asked at several shops but the 2 I really wanted [TFS & Billabong] said they don't need more employeesT_T
Anyway, It didn't go so well and on our way hoe we passed through a shop that I actually like that called Shesh [means six] that sells some unique cute clothes and I went in to look around and them I thought hey why notXD And I asked if they are searching and they did! 
So Since then  started working there^^

My makeup for that day~


Shirt...Central station tlv

Also a present from Hatuli~ We went to SOHO at Mamila and look!!

Isn't it perfect?? I'm inloveXDDD

And here is an outfit from a long time ago that I didn't post~

Beatles bracelet...Traffic
Earrings...Central station Jerusalem
Skull patch...TOPTEN

Broken nailsXD

This shirt from Shimamura is actually from the Ookii Saizu section [big size] so it's pretty long and sometimes I like it but it felt a little boring so I used a rubber band to tie one side of it and cover it with the cute skull patch^^ That way you can also see the silver chain I added to the shorts!

Matching earrings!

And some present from my parents!:D
That I'm gonna use tomorrow on my vacation:DD

Traveling bag my dad bought me! It's SO CUTE I love those Korean style illustrations I kinda have fetish for them since I was obsessed with bibi1004 XDD

Boho style maxi dress from Urbanica that my parents got me when they were in Eilat^^
I can't wait to wear it:D The best thing about it it has pockets!:D

So now I REALLY have to go to sleep~ It's not so late but we are going on the way very early tomorrow...
So good night everyone!



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