Sunday, October 16, 2016

PiyoMinnie fancy date!

How are you today?

In today's post I'll tell you about a date with Mayu in Tel Aviv!^^
We met for lunch and some hanging and quality time<3

My make~

I used Candy Doll lipstick & Essence glitter gloss^^

Outfit~ point of fashion was Parisian elegant:D

Blouse...Liz Lisa
Skirt...EMODA brand
Purse...from Paris
Hello Kitty X Rady doll brand

I got this purse when I was in Paris and it came with a matching wallet^^

Also Paris earrings Mayu got me when she was.. somewhere some years agoXD

We went to eat lunch at Piazza<3
Haven't been there since my b-day event!

Of course we had our beloved Panzanella salad~

Also we got matching sunglasses from a store near the restaurant!
I wanted white sunglasses for a long time!!

Another matching look~

While shopping in Allenby street:D
You can see my hair here cause I forgot to take a proper photo...:(

Then we went to Loveat after we didn't go there for a long time as well and had coffee^^

I had coffee with white chocolate and cinnamon<3

Then we played around with Snow appXD

I'm Mayu

No filter

Then unfortunately I had to go but I'm happy we got to meet just the two of us I really missed ya!<3

So see you in my next post! Hopefully one day I'll manage to finish all the posts about the stuff that happened that summer and be able to blog liveXDDD



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