Monday, October 17, 2016

Beach Day!^^

How are you today?

This summer I tried to go to the beach as many times as I can!
Basically, It's easy cause Israel is small and there is a lot of beachXD But, I live in Jerusalem that is very far from it so it's a bit difficult for me to find time and go:( Anyhow I did find more time then the years before:D

A while ago when I was at my parents house we all went to the beach together^^

My outfit~ Colorful Summer! brand
Accessories...TOPTEN kids

Coco Girl!

I tried to get a tan and I did but it's somehow never enough for meXD
It was so fun! It's been years since I went to the beach with my family and I had a great time^^

Btw- Pineapple bikini & Flip flops also from TOPTEN^^

Also look what I got!<3
I needed a new bathing soap [peeling soap[ and my sister told me about the Monoi scent so I tried it and it was perfect so I got the Monoi peeling soap from Laline!<3

Tomorrow is Icon and Innu, Noy & me are doing threeningXDD It's twinning but 3 people lol
We're gonna wear colorful seifuku's from Noy's shop!^^
Also we're having another Israeli Gyaru meetup at 3 pm so come and hang with us if you want!:D And now I'm gonna go to sleep cause I have to wake up early tomorrow:OOO

Good night everyone!^^



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