Saturday, October 22, 2016

הכל מפעם - Second hand shop! おすすめ~!

How are you today?
This week was super intense for me~ Working both my jobs every day:( 
I woke up 2 hours ago after I slept 48438034 hours cause I was so tired.. Didn't have more then 3~4 hours of sleep every night this week and not much time in between shifts:(
Any way, Today I finally have a day off!^^
So I thought I'd use it for some blogging and such:D

So today I wanted to tell you about my aunt's second hand shop called Hkol Mipam!
It's a shop that has many many second hand items [clothes, bags, accessories, shoes...] and it's in Petach Tikva where she lives, But also she's sometimes at designer fairs of other fairs in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem or other places~
I went there for the first time with my mom a while ago and I got me some nice stuff:D
I was surprised to find actual Japanese brands there and also other gal style items! 

First of all, this was my code:

Tank top...FOREVER21 men
Bra top...Gina brand
Skull patch...TOPTEN
Bag...King George st. tlv
Pink pompom...Alliexpress
Other brand





This is everything I got^^ So happy<3

Mouth Valley Sukapan

Colorful tweed pattern<3

INGNI skirt~
That is kirakira pink tweed that I love:D
It's so nice to find Japanese fashion brands in second hand shops in Israel!

Rokku style dress

And also, My aunt gave me this hand made bag that she's making! There are many colors and styles^^

So if you live in Israel, You might wanna check it out!:D There are cute items for many styles and also for gal styles!<3
Here is the shop's fb page:

הכל מפעם - טבנקין 7, פתח תקווה

See you in my next post!<3



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