Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New Nails! (And some outfits)

And hi again!

One more post before I go to sleep~
Tomorrow I'm going to do my nails and I didn't even post my current ones. Those are the last set of summer nails for this year:(

 Summer colors! Aloha! Niko chan!T_T
Don't take them away from me!!!!
Well, At least my next nails will be Halloween nails so it will be fun but still.
I read that from this weekend it's gonna get colder and next week it would start to rain
Kill me please
I don't wanna! I'm not ready yet!
Winter haven't even started and I'm already waiting for spring:(

 Well for some other things then me crying about the end of summer~ A work outfit from last week [?] I think~



Bra top...H&M



And some other random outfit~

Top...King George st. tlv

And this is it~ I really have to go to sleep cause tomorrow's schedule is busy
10:00~15:00 Working at the shop
16:00 Nail salon
21:00~forever Working at waffle place

I hope the nails won't take long cause I still need to do them Halloween style at home and also get some sleep before work><
Well, I guess I won't have time to blog tomorrow so have a great rest of the week everyone!

Good Night~!



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