Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tokyo days 2+3 - Shibuya & Hanami at Yoyogi park!

- 22.4.15 -
Cold Day in Jerusalem

I finally make a new post! I'm sorry I said I will post from Tokyo and I didn't:( The first week I had a problem with the converter cause it didn't fit my computer and I couldn't find one that does, so when Inna came in my second week in Tokyo she brought me one and only then I could turn on my laptop:| but theeeeeeeen I didn't have time at all anymoreX_X so~ yeah.

Well today I'm gonna post about days 2 and 3 in Tokyo!

So the second day I met with Nettan and we went to hang in ShibuyaXD
I really wanted to go to do some shopping at 109:P

My look for the day~

Of course I had to have my favorite drink at SBY~ ChocoMilk Tapioca!

I love sby T_T

And my first get was at Ank Rough <3
I bought a dress and a cardigan as a set^^

Kiki Lala makeup line at PLAZA

My love Kiirotori as a princess at Ruby Rose! I wanted EVERYTHING but it was so expensive and heavy*_*

After 109 we went to do Purikura~
Nettan waiting while it's printingXD


We should have done that pose XDD

Shibuya at night <3

In the evening we just hang in Shibuya for a while before I we went to meet friends and go to a party at T2~

Neko cookie at SEIBU

Oh those white strawberries T_T how much I wanted to try them:<


Ice coffee time<3

And Nettan gave me Gudetama chocolate! XD

So then we went to a party and I got home in the morning cause trains starts only at 5 am and I lived in Setagaya~T_T

The second day we went to do Hanami in Yoyogi park in Harajuku, after just few hours of sleep T0T

My breakfast~ Sakura anman and soy milk

And that day's makeup with new pink lenses

Maya, me, Nettan & Daria

Hanami Outfit~

Tunic - E hyphen world gallery BonBon
Skirt - Snidel
Cardigan - Ank Rouge
Bag - Claire's
Socks & Shoes - Offbrand

So beautiful..

My first Hanami!

Nettan bought us some food :D

Sakura onigiri and Cafe latte

With new friends^^

Nettan and me <3

After the hanami we went to do a little more shopping at Takeshita and then I think we went home cause I remember I was still really tired from the party :O

I will do a big post about my shopping in Tokyo but today I'll post just some random small stuff^^

Pink everything from Daiso Xd

Fluffy bracelets and earrings from WEGO

Random things I bought for my kitchen at Daiso


Seifuku accessories from Paris Kids & Donqi

And some more everyday thingsXD

So this is it for today's post.
 I still feel a little weird in Israel and especially in Jerusalem and soon I need to go to work and I DO NOT WANT.
Today is Israel's independent day and everyone is going out but I need to work:( that means a lot of work tonightT_T probably come back in the morning ugh.

Anyway, I'll try to post again tomorrow even though I have A LOT of homework to do><




  1. הכל כלכך מושלםםםםםם*0*
    ההאנאמי נראה מקסים וSBY גם ובאלי לבקר בהכל*-*
    בכלל מחכה כבר לפוסט הבא ילד חתיך♡

    1. בכלל תודה ילדוןןן!!^^
      ועם לבקר! אמן אמן*_*

  2. וואי נראה מדהים !
    האוכלל *~*

    1. בכלל באמת האוכלT_T יפן הזאת והדברים המושלמים שלה