Thursday, July 7, 2016

Shopping Date with InnuBee^^

Hi Hi everyone!:D

Second post for todayXD
So first of all, Happy Tanabata everyone!

I asked that the people I love will be healthy~ And happiness:D

It makes me miss Japan so much:( Lately I missed it more then usual and I'm trying to forget about it cause it upsets me to no end:(

So I'll move on to something else and won't get all winy:O

 So in one of my last posts I wrote about the Akipoyo meeting at Innu's house~

After the  meeting I stayed for sleepover and in the morning Innu and I went shopping in Tel Aviv:D

I didn't really like my make that day I felt that I needed lighter and less dolly lenses for that look but nevermind:P

My outfit~
Tried a new style of onee this time~ More elegant and casual^^

Pants...Studio Pasha
Rady X Hello Kitty doll

Changing my shoes lol


Matching colors:D

Paparazzi shot of Innu at Shuk Bezalel

Merry Me!

Pink Team!

It was super hot and also I had my trolley with me so it was horrible to walk in the streets:(
 It was still fun though and I got some cute things:D

Long skirt for 10 nis
I actually want to wear in as a dress to the beach:D

Plaid shirt for 10 nis

Cute t shirt for 10 nis

Really needed those. 12 nis each

Spongebob tote bag!:D 14 nis

Random thingsXD
I love that sad face button lol

So That's it for today! Promise I won't post again till tomorrow lol
Now I have to go and do my hair for tomorrow's event:D

Every year there is this event in Israel called Beauty City~ It's 4 days of fashion shows, Beauty sales and other beauty related activities. Every year they have a theme for the event, My favorite was of course the theme they had 2 years ago which was TokyoXD But this year they decided not to have a theme, They called it "Fashion Magazine" and they focus of women of all kinds. I kinda liked they had a theme but I guess it doesn't matter cause it's gonna be fun anyway^^

Also one last thing for today.
It's Ringo Starr's birthday!:D

Happy Birthday Ringo!:D Love you always<3

See you tomorrow!



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