Sunday, July 3, 2016


Hi Hi~

Yesterday was my birthday^^
It was on Saturday which kinda sucked cause most places are closed and there isn't much to do, But it was still nice cause we did go for lunch:>
Friday evening we had dinner and my mom made rice and tempura<3 Also I got yummy stuff:D My sister made those PERFECT cupcakes for my birthday!!

They're Aloha themed cause she knew I really love it!T_T The marshmallow plumeria.. it's too perfect!

Also yummy chocolate cake that I love^^ I don't like most cakes but I really love this one:D

After dinner<3

Then I went to meet my friends and Nofar put a candle on a cherry for meXDDDDD
lol lol

And those stuff.. I can't
I will always be scared of thoseXD

Then on Saturday, My actual birthday, We went to a restaurant^^
My outfit~

Dress...Lip Service

And my make

We went to Sarona in Tel aviv, And we had lunch at FAUCHON^^

My cold coffee

It took a while until we could order cause they had a problem in the kitchen but the food was really good^^

And they brought me free desserts for my birthday!:D
That red cake was cheese and strawberry, one of the best I ever had! It had pistachio inside yummy<3

When we walked around at Sarona I saw the prettiest Hibiscus ever<3

Then we got home and I went to sleep a little bit cause I was super tired and when I woke up I didn't feel so well:(( But My friends came over and cheered me up^^ 
Later Hatuli also came to my parents house and today we were supposed to go to a restaurant to celebrate together cause he had to work in the morning and couldn't join us on my birthday to FAUCHON but I was too sick so we didn't go:(( 
I hope we will have time to go next week even if it won't be my birthday anymore:(((
Now I feel a little better and I hope tomorrow I will be healthy againT_T
But! Thanks so much to everyone who wished me happy birthday and spent time with me, I love you!<3

From Mayu

From Innu

From Noga

From Noy

From NettanXDDDDDD

From Moria

I have a really busy week but I hope I will also have some time to have fun~ And I hope I won't be sick anymoreT0T
Also, There is a date for the next Israeli Gyaru meeting!^^ It's next week on the 13.7 [Tuesday] at Dizingoff Center in Tel Aviv:D
 If you also live in Israel and you like Gyaru, Come meet with us!<3

And now I think I'll go to sleep and hopefully sleep well..:X




  1. שוב הרבה מזל טוב יפה! נראה שהייתה אחלה יום הולדת
    הקינוחים של המשפחה שלך לא נופלים במראה המגרה מאלה של פושון ^^
    והשמלה שלבשת פשוט מהממת, כל כך אוהבת את הסטייל הזה

    מחכה לראותך במפגש

    1. תודה נופי הקטנה!
      איזה כיף שאת באה למפגש!^3^

  2. מזל טוב!!
    מצד אחד בא לי לבוא למפגש מצד שני אני ממש לא גייארו בעליל או בשאיפה, אני פשוט מתעניינת בכל סוגי האופנה :P

    1. תודה!:D
      והיי אני אשמח לדעת מי אתXD ובלי קשר- תבואי! למה לא?
      המפגש הוא לא רק למי שגיארו אלא למי שאוהבת גיארו^^

  3. מזל טוב מקסימה!~ אאחל לך פנים מול פנים במפגש :D
    ככ שמחה שיש עוד אחד!

    1. תודה אהובה!:D
      והידד אני כה שמחה שתגיעי!:D