Saturday, July 23, 2016

Birthday Event~!^^

Today I'll tell you about my Birthday event!<3
On Tuesday I met the gals in Tel Aviv to celebrate my birthday^^ We went to eat lunch together and just hang:D

This was my look~

Finally got to wear that dress! My special birthday dressT_T

Dress...Bodyline brand

Of course, I've already talked about it but as you can see I did my birthday look the same as Ikemegu's birthday look from 2009 [I think] cause it's my favorite of all times<3

So we ate lunch at Piazza, my favorite restaurant~ And I ate my usual Panzanella salad:D

And cold coffeeXD

With Mayu and the guy that works there that already knows us cause we're always going thereXD


Using my coffee for a good purpose

With Mayuminnie<3


All the gals!<3


Kiki Lala<333



Fancy squad

Then we went to Dizingoff Center and Nettan had to go home:(

At the CenterXD

Fairy Forest shop*.*

We bought some snacks and then Ann and Claire had to go too so Innu, Mayu, Noy and I sat a little before heading to do some shoppingXD

It's so yummyT_T

Taking some pics before going out~

Then we went to King George st and Allenby st and did some shopping and after Mayu and Noy had to go home, Innu and I had coffee before going home ourselves~

It was so fun and I got lovely presents! I'm so happy thank you so much cuties!<33
I'll post the presents next time^^

And now I'm going to have some more coffee and write a little..............................

So see you tomorrow and have a great day!




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