Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Beauty City 2016!

Hi Hi!^^

Last Friday I went with Innu to the Beauty City event in Tel Aviv!
It's a yearly event that goes on for 4 days and it's about beauty and makeup:D

Dress...Delyle Noir
Shoes...off brand
Shoe clips...Aliexpress


And hair:D

Innu and I finally did the Twining that we wanted to do for so long!:D Delyle twins<3

At the event~


I love that dress so muchT_T

Giant lipstick in the middle of the roomXD

After fixing makeup:D

When I was in Tokyo last time they had this dress in the 109 store and I wanted it so much but it was very expansiveT_T Then it was on sale in the web shop!:D So I had to buy it and Innu got hers in the GW sales at 109 so yayXD

Also had the same circle lenses:D

We shared a Cinnabon<3

Over all it was nice but I wish the concept was more interesting like the past few years~ I didn't notice any crazy sales on any brand except Essence that had buy 1 get 2 for freeXD

Essence eyeshadow palette
Essence lipgloss
Baby Lips lip balm
Batiste hair spray
Also got the Beauty City 2016 bag!

Any one else was at Beauty City this year? What did you get?XD

I'm now waiting for the laundry and I'm bored lol

Might post again after I finish with itXDDDD

C ya!



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