Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Israeli Gyaru Meetup 2~!

Hi Hi!

Today I'll finally post about the second Israeli Gyaru meeting! 
It was last week at Dizingoff Center like the time before:> I'm so happy we had a second meeting and can't wait till the next one!

So a day before the meeting I was trying to plan what I'm going to wear but it was so hard for me I don't know whyXD I wanted something in my style and not too fancy yet not too casual:P 
Eventually I made a gyaru kei coord which was a little too simple but I liked it:>

My makeup~

Tried to use darker shade of pink this time but it's not as vivid as I wanted it to be... maybe next timeT_T
Lashes are Diamond lash Beauty eye & Bottom lashes from Donqi

Tshirt...Second hand from Mayu
Skirt...Liz Lisa
Accessories...eBay, SBY, Traffic

Point of fashionXD


Noy and I brought some old magz and we all looked at them and I found so much inspiration in Noy's 2009 Popteen! [Soon on my PinterestXD] and in the Kumicky book also!

Also had Matcha Pocky!

With Shenhav<3

Noy and Nettan<3




Chibi Noy<3

Einav also joined us at the end of the meeting!<3 So happy you came in spite of everything!XD

Taking outfit pics of everyoneXD

Shenhav in her Mori gyaru style^^

Nettan in Onee style^^

Noy in roma style^^

Noy's pompompurin plushie.. lol even that is cuteXD

It was so fun and even if some of the people joined later at least I'm happy I got to see them and I can't wait till next meet up!:3 e still don't have a date for next meeting but I'll get to see some people at the Harajukufest next week. Who's coming??

Yesterday I celebrated late birthday with the gals at Piazza and had lots of fun^^ I'll blog about it next time!:D

So have a great day everyone!




  1. This looks like it was so much fun!

  2. Ahh, old Popteen issues are such a huge inspiration!
    You all look so nice. Hope you had fun! (´u`)

  3. ממש מתבאסת שלא באתי, אבל לא נורא אגיע ביום רביעי הזה ^_^
    האאוטפיט שלך היה מהמם!! כל כך אוהבת את הסגנון הזה
    שיהיה שבוע מקסים ילדון יפה

    1. ילדד בכלל תודה!T_T
      וכיף שנראה אותך ברביעי!:D וחוצמזה הלוואי שתבוא למפגש הבא שנעשה גם:<<