Thursday, July 7, 2016

New Nails & Gets!

Last week before I went to Innu's house I got my nails done finally:D
I went to the salon super early in the morning cause I wanted to do a lot of things that dayT_T

I asked her not to shorten them at all this time, I hope I won't regret it at work lol
Anyway. After that I went home and I decorated them, And because some of the nail polish that I used were dry it took me forever to do that cause I planned a lot of layeresT0T
After the last Israeli Gyaru meeting I bought at a $ store chicchai googly eyes that I wanted to decorate my nails with:D

The green nail polish was kinda disappointing when I used it on top of the black one, But over all I really like the result^^
I can't wait to do another design with the tiny googly eyesXDD

Also I have a few happy gets!:D

WC hat that I already posted here and another one from VENCE!
My knit hats collection is getting biggerXD

Candy Stripper pants~

They're pretty big on me but I like it like that cause I wanted them to be loose and boyfriends ish:D

Also is there anything cuter then those patches??

Liz Lisa gingham pants!

Long time no Liz Lisa gets:O I'm happy I got those cause  really wanted a yellow bottom and also cause they can be cute with a shirt tucked inside and also just plain loose t shirt:D

SBY hair accessories that I LOVE!<3 I want to get lots of SBY stuff but they're so hard to findT_T

So soon I'm gonna go to my parents hose, And I'm sleeping there tonight and then tomorrow the Beauty City event with Innu!:D
Also next week is pretty busy~ I have the Harajukufest fashion show rehearsal and also the Israeli gyaru meetup:D I'm so happy^^

Also, Today is Tanabata and as I said yesterday I can't go to the festivalT_T  I guess I'll wait till next year:< Anyway, Happy Tanabata everyone!T________T

And have a lovely day<3



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