Friday, February 17, 2017

Alliexpress Amekaji Gets!

How are you today?
I'm so happy that it's weekend! I'm at my parents house after a very long time I haven't come to visit cause I didn't have timeT_T
Yesterday I had a mall date with Mayu and I will make a post later today maybe^^
In this post I wanted to share some gets and also 2 outfits:D I'm not so sure I haven't done a blogpost about them already but I can't really remember:O

So those are some of the stuff that I got from Alliexpress on the 11/11 sales!

I got:

Pastel plaid shirt
Fluffy pink cap
Blue hiphop pants
Black star necklace

If anyone is interested in the links please tell me and I will send you^^

This is the cap:D

It's really cute and the only problem it has is that it's a little too small and there is no way to change the size:O I'm gonna find a way to do it thoughXD

Also I got this cute monster hat!:D

And here are two outfits that I was wearing while at my parents house:

Shirt...from Korea
Hoodie...Yaffo st. Jerusalem
Tights...Central station TLV
Bag...ZOYA brand



Cardigan...Heaven and Earth
Hat...Gilfy X Tsubasa Masuwaka

And bad lighting pic of my make that day~

Today is a little more sunny then the rest of the week... It was raining all the timeT_T But it's still really cold.
I'm so happy we're almost in the end of the month cause March is usually more sunny and nice^^ 
Also... Almost one month to go!!! I'm so very excitedT_T

So I think I'm gonna do another post today, see you soon!



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  1. I love your gets sweetie! The sweatpants look especially ame kaji! And that cap is just beyond cute! Always love your co ords sweetie