Wednesday, March 15, 2017

DIY date with Noy! [Also some thoughts about blogging]

Well this time I took the longest break out of blogging cause I was actually wondering about if I should keep my blog or not.
It's pretty dramatic I guess, And I decided I do want to keep blogging I'm just not sure how to make it work since I have too many social media accounts and I don't know what makes the blog special and why I should keep it going but I don't want it to die:(
I actually considered maybe I should go back to blogging mostly in Hebrew since all my other SNS are in English so maybe it's not that bad right?:O

I don't know:(
I still have to think about it so for today I'll still write in English!!

I didn't blog about any recent event for so long so some of the staff happened a long while ago but yet I will blog about them nowXD
So few weeks ago Noy and I had a DIY date & sleepover at her house!

Noy showing me all her DIY stuff

And she bought us yummy little cupcakes^^

So actually Noy is way faster then me so she did a lot and I only did a few things lol
Here is everything we made that evening!


Noy's DIY:

In the next morning we went to Tel Aviv to Nachalat Binyamin but it was raining so hard we had to only sit inside a coffee placeXD

Getting ready~

Out Amekaji outfits!

My outfit:

Sweatshirt...from Korea
Plaid shirt...FREVER21

At Loveat~

My favorite coffee!<3

So now I think I'm gonna make a little update post after I'll finish this one cause a lot is happening and I feel I haven't blogged in ages!

Have a good evening everyone!



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  1. I'm very glad you decided to keep your blog! I look to you a lot for gyaru and blogging inspiration! Keep it up!!!! 馃槞