Thursday, January 8, 2015

Chrismas Party at Mayu's, outfits and makeup!^^

This is my first real post here about my lifeXD
This post will be only in English because I've already blogged about this in my other blog in Hebrew:>

So today is about a Christmas party we had at Mayu's house 2 weeks ago^^
it was so fun! we were 4 girls and even though it's the first time the four of us meet we had so much fun!

So after school I went to meet Mayu in the mall in her city [we don't live in the same cityT_T], and then we were waiting for Eden and Noy to arrive.

First time I wore my new mokomoko coat from FOREVER21!

Then we looked at some stores before going to Mayu's house and I found my long lost twin.

When we arrived to Mayu's house we were all really hungry so we had dinner right awayXD
but not before putting our presents under Mayu's cute mini Christmas treeXDD

And this was my Christmas party code!

Knit ... ZARA
Skirt ... INGNI
Boots ... Yumetenbo
Pompom hair accessories ... Life
Necklace ... TOPTEN

Mayu & Me

And this was the dessert!
Noy's hand made cookies so cute and yummy!:D

me and as chikan Santa

After dinner we all went to open our presents!
Mine were in the Hello Kitty bags^^

Noy's present~ Hand made "Panda Shop" choker, Hello Kitty ring and "Piggy bank"XD so cute!

Eden's present~ The cutest handmade pop up card and Belle key chain^^

Mayu's present~ Mokomoko winter socks, ribbon hair clips, Hello Kitty hand cream and Christmas chocolates!^^

we're deers!

In our pajamas

The next morning we got up and went to Tel Aviv for shopping and lunch^^

In the bus

My outfit~

The shirt is my sister's and the plaid salopette was my mom's^^

After fixing our make

our stuffXD everything is cute!

Last weekend we had a big party in my parents house~
it was my little brother's birthday, he turned 13 and on that age in Israel we celebrate Bar Mitzva for boys, so all my family came and it was really exhausting XDD

My coordinate

Dress ... Snidel
Shoes ... bought at Aoyama market in Tokyo
Choker ... TRALALA

Hatuli and me want to sleeeeeeeeppppppppp

Well. we did have fun at the party and there was a lot of delicious things to eat~

The last 2 days school was canceled cause of the snow, and tomorrow I'll meet Nettan that coming back from Tokyo~~ yay^^

so that's it for today, I'll post again as soon as I can!^^
Thank you for reading!




  1. Everyone is so cute, wahh! You are gorgeous as always ♥

    1. Thank you so much! You're too sweet^^
      And I follow you of course <3

  2. You are super cute >w< I love this type of gyaru! <3

  3. I'm sorry, but if you can't write proper English then don't do so. Your grammar is sort of broken, and I believe you're not aware of it. So next time double-check your posts.

    1. So what?
      English is not my language. if I want to write in English, does it has to be perfect? you can understand what I wanted to say?
      good enough for me.

    2. I guess you're writing in English so your blog will be international, so yes, it more or less needs to be quite decent. I'm not a native either, y'know? You don't have to be a native to write proper English.

  4. First of all it would have been nice if you wouldn't post anonymously.
    Now, I said in my first post I'm sorry for my bag English. Also, it's the first time I blog in English. So that's ok if it's not perfect, and still you can understand perfectly everything i'm talking about. Thats not nice to say to someone they can't blog in English cause they're not good enough. Bravo for being good in English and not being a native:)
    If you hate reading my bad English don't read here.

    1. Sorry for writing anonymously darling, I don't have any account to use to identify myself. Now, it's not about hating your blog or the way you write in English, it's just for *you* in the end. Assuming you want high-quality blogging, you should consider checking your grammar, that's all I'm trying to say. Instead of being so defensive (as if I told you to stop blogging, jeesh) just think about what I said as a friendly tip. I have no reason to hurt you, I don't even know you, haha.

      GG, girl.

    2. Friendly tips don't begin with "I'm sorry, but if you can't write proper English then don't do so."
      Maybe if you would say it more friendly as you say you are, I wouldn't have to react the way I did. I don't defense my English and I don't say that I should not practice and try to get better, but don't be so arrogant and talk like you're better then me~

      Thats the last thing I'm gonna say in that conversation.

    3. Don't listen to that person; your English is perfectly fine.

    4. Yes, your English is very good, and kol hakavod for the strong way you answered "Sorry".

      You are hugely cute and you wear clothes so well. Are you doing fashion modelling?

      Your boyfriend is one lucky guy.

  5. hey can i ask you a thing ? why did u call yourself georgie?

    1. love your blog btw

    2. ooh Thank you so much!^^
      And the name George is after George Harrison my one true love XD
      [for years:P]
      I'm a blogger for years and a lot of my friends are people I knew through the internet so almost everyone call me Georgie now^^