Friday, May 15, 2015

PiyoMinnie date, School outfits & My dream bag is finally here!^^

- 15.5 15 -

Lazy Evening in Jerusalem

I know I was supposed to make more post about japan but things are happening and I have more stuff to post about^^ I'll do Japan posts later this week:>

So few weeks ago when I came back from Tokyo I met Mayu in Tel Aviv^^

On my way~ Wa ichigo KitKat<3 yummyT_T

Dress...Ank Rouge
Tights...Doll Kiss


And my make up~ sorry for the bad picT_T

We met at the Center and ate Sushi at River^^ Yummy:>

Then we went to a new place at Dizingoff center called B-FRESH that has Tapioca drinks^^

It's a really nice place and they have many combinations!


Then we met Paddington bear XD

And finally we had coffee while Mayu decorated our phone chargers~

And I helped.

Also we bought twin cups^^


And my phone charger after mayu decorated it:D

And for some school life photos~
I kinda have hard times at school cause so many things to do and so little timeT_T also I didn't do any of the assignments they gave us for the holiday break cause I was in Japan so I have double things to do>< god.

Anyway! now I have cute lunch boxes to eat inXD!

And for some simple school outfits~

Shirt...Dip Drops
Shoes...NO FAIL

Crop Top...FOREVER21
Shoes...Shinjuku ALTA
Socks...Doll Kiss

Hoodie...Emily the strange
Socks...Doll Kiss

The best thing ever happenedT_T
Since I first joined Poupee Girl [RIP:(] back in 2009 I wanted that bag that everyone had cause it was that year's Liz Lisa lucky bagT_T and I saved so many photos of it in my computer and I never even thought I will own any Liz Lisa item in my life at the time.
BUT! I found it second hand and I was so happy cause this is really my dream bagT_T I love 2009 Liz Lisa! I love that bag! omg.
It's in such a good condition and it's perfect I'm inlove!


At the 30th of April Hatuli and I had 3 years anniversary!^^
We went to a fancy restaurant in Tel Aviv and we had so much fun! It's a really great fine dining restaurant called Fitzroy.
We had one appetizer, 3 main dishes, side dish and cocktail, and dessert. And it was really not so expansive as we thought and also they gave us free stuffXD

The best Ravioli I've ever had!

And a cat.

So that's it for today's post. I'm at home, came back from Ann's unbirthday meeting 4 orus ago and did nothing lol. waiting for Hatuli to come back home and then we will go out or something.
So until the next post, Bye bye!^^ and have a great weekend!



  1. הבלוג שלך כל כך מתוק! ^3^
    למרות שלי אישית יותר נוח להיות מהישראבלוג עדיין זה שווה בשביל לקרוא את שלך )^_^(~

    1. הא!:O משום מה כתבתי תגובה ואני רואה שהיא לא נשלחהT_T

      בכל מקרה תודה רבה ושוב תודה מקסימה!^^ זה ממש משמח אותי שחלק מהאנשים עדיין קוראים בבלוג שלי למרות שהוא כבר לא שישראבלוג וזה כבר לא כל כך נוח וכאלה^^"
      אני הרבה פעמים מתגעגעת לבלוג הישן אבל לעדכן את שניהם אני לא מצליחה לצערי וגם מה שמבאס זה כלמיני חברות שלי שהן גאיג'ין גיארו מכלמיני מקומות בעולם לא היו יכולות לקרוא בו אם הוא היה נשאר בישרא:<

  2. I love all of your outfits <3 And that bag is super cute!

    1. Thank you so much sweety!<3
      And that bag is happinessT0T

  3. ahh that bag is so cute! it must of been hard to find~! I love your outfit ^^

  4. תעדכני!:(