Sunday, December 18, 2016

Dueba Gossip Grey [CL review]

Hi Hi!

How are you today?
If your week started today, I hope it started well~~
I actually woke up late and rushed to work and it was horribleT_T
 but it's all better now lol
Moepi came to visit me at work today and it was really fun I was really happy to see her^^ Also we ate lunch together cause it was on my lunch time:D

Now I'm waiting for the laundry and I have a little bit of time before my sewing class~
 I'm hoping to do most of my project today..
So I wanted to review another pair of lenses I got from Solution-Lens!

Dueba Gossip Grey

14.5 mm 

I got those lenses in brown the last time I ordered from them and I LOVED them! Also got a it of compliments on those lenses and they were comfortable and fit many makeup styles so I decided I'll try them in grey as well.
Also, I always wanted to try them in brown and grey cause in 2014 when I was in Tokyo I bought the Scawaii Mook and everyone had those lenses and they looked so prettyXD
So I finally got them!

I really loved the color and also the design~ they look kinda natural yet they're big enough and they give a kirakira effect that I absolutely love!
Since they are 3 tone they look kinda light [cause of the yellow inner ring] but they don't look blue at all like some of the grey lenses might look~ Maybe a little green.

I really recommend them cause for me they are comfortable [more then the pink pair I got in the same order] and I really love the look!
I give them 5~5!

And that was my outfit for that day lol

Sweater...Ank Rouge
Black tights
Shoes...King George st. Jerusalem

I have that skirt since my 2008 Japan visit lolz

And here are some new things I got!

Hibiscus wall stickers I bought for my apartment~ I haven't decided where to put them yet I'm thinking about my closet door but I'm not sure. I got them from eBay! And they're really big btwXD

Also I got this from Shesh where I work!
This is 100% alpaca wool from Peru so it's super warm!

I really like the color and the patters~

It reminded me the kind of things they wear in the manga 'Gals!' so I had to take itXD

I want to do this outfitXD

But I don't have those boots and I look bad in those shorts lol
So maybe just a furifuri skirt or somethingXD

So now I have to go and take out the laundry so bye for now!




  1. Those lenses are really beautiful! (*o*)

  2. פעם לא היית מתלבשת בסגנון הזה. מה קרה לכל הליז ליזה, אנק רוז וטרלהלה? חח

    1. שיניתי את הסגנון לפני למעלה משנה למען האמת~
      כבר מזמן ממש שאני לא לובשת ליז ליסה [קרוב ל3 שנים??] והסוויטשירט שאני לובשת בפוסט הזה הוא של אנק! אני עדיין אוהבת את הבגדים שלהם אבל סגנונות מאוד מסויימים מהם, בעיקר את הבגדים הישנים שהם הוציאו, ולכן אני כבר פחות לובשת