Saturday, December 3, 2016

Diamond Lash Cat Eye~

Hi Hi~!

Today I want to tell you about my date with Annki after a long time we didn't see each other~
Also first I'll review my new False lashes that I got from Mayu^^

She got me Diamond Lash Cat Eye, That I actually always wanted to try!

They are really long which is good, And also, I was afraid that they will be uncomfortable like the Glamorous Eye from the same purple series, BUT they are very comfortable cause the lash line is more flexible and thin.
I'm used to using 2 sets on each eye so at first they looked a little too thin for me but then I liked it^^ I'm using them when I wanted a lighter makeup, If I wanna do thinner eyeliner or don't wanna use bottom lashes~ Also it looks good with Onee makeup^^

I love them! 
I cut 1 lash from the inner corner cause they were just a bit too long for me but other then that they are perfect!

I met Ann at Sarona and we went to eat lunch cause we were so hungry:O

Then we went to Dizingoff center~ 

This was my outfit~ Kinda inspired by oldschool models like Akaharu~

Shirt...Central Station tlv
Skirt...One Spo
Shushu...central station Jerusalem
Bag...Cecil McBEE 109


I hope we could see each other more but we're both so busyT_T

So as I said Mayu got me those lashes from her Japan trip and she also got me other cute stuff^^

Disney stuff & APOLOOOOOOOOO my favorite everT_T

Also, When I was at Dizingoff center with Ann, We went to a $ store and look what I found:

It's a Gelato Pique pouch:O So weird!!! I love finding Japanese brands at random placesXD

Also this adorable colorful Disney notebook~

Also beautiful in the inside like George Harrison

And now I'm gonna go to sleep~~
See you tomorrow!

Good Night!


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