Monday, November 28, 2016

New circle lenses~ Dueba Eye candy Pink!

How are you today?^^ I hope everyone's week started good:3

I worked today at the shop and I had the evening off so I took a shower and just sat on the sofa eating cookies and drinking coffee cause I canXD

 And now I wanted to show you today's look and my new lenses!^^

I ordered 3 pairs of lenses from and I got them yesterday:>
The pair that I wanted to try most of all was those pink ones!

I looooovvveee themmmmmm omg I was so afraid that pink lenses would look weird on me~ I mean I had pink lenses before but those are really unnatural ones or at least that what I remembered from when I had them in brown~ I liked them back then too, But it makes the eyes really extra dolly and creepy to other peopleXD
 So I thought that in pink they might look weird BUT I think they look really cute and I'm really happy I chose to buy them^^

I like how the pink combines with the natural brown color of my eyes and I think it's cause it's only 2 tone and not 3.
Anyway, I really love them and I think they will go with a lot of looks that I'm gonna do in the future^^

So this was today's make with the new lenses and Diamond lash beauty eye lashes [x2] annnd I used the nude lipstick Innu got me from Vienna^^

And this was my outfit to work today~

Glasses...Allenby st. TLV

Sorry for my basabasa hair but my shirt had stripes on it!

Tomorrow I'm working both at the shop and at the waffle, And it's gonna get colder and colderT_T
I can't wait to try the other lenses I got thoughXD yay

Btw!!! I remind you guys who live in Israel, again, that this Thursday there is a Senkura winter meetup at Dizingoff center at noon so come meet up!^^

And now I'm gonna go back to doing nothing like Geo

He's a cinnamon roll now.

I wish you all a great week and see you soon!<3



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