Sunday, November 20, 2016

Outfit post~

Hi There!

I'm gonna make a quick outfit post cause downloading pics from my phone to my laptop and it takes a lot of timeT_T

So first of all, I got new glasses!
I mean, Sunglasses~ It's not so new but I actually got them through IG from Christian Leroy:

I really love them cause they are so John Lennon:D
I'm a disaster I know~

Any way!
The outfit I did with those glasses was kinda rock punkish Inspired very much by this outfit of Kanako:

And this was mineXD
Socks...DollKiss brand

With my new shades!


Also I'll post some random work outfit^^

Top...central station TLV brand brand
Fur tail...Daiso
Shushu...central station Jerusalem

 Also, I forgot to mention that on the 11/11 I also got 2 pairs of pantsXD
Everybody were buying hiphop pants and I couldn't resistT_T

I just with they'll get here and will look good [on me and at allT_T] I can't wait!
Also I really hope the lenses I bought from Solution Lens will get here soon cause I already really need new lenses, mine are burning my eyesT0T

So now I'm gonna order the pics a little and I'll make another post soon^^

Bye for now!



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