Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fall coord inspiration 2: Gyaru Kei!


So right before I go to sleep, I wanted to make another fall coordination post~~~
Last time I did one with Amekaji coords and today I want to do one of Gyaru kei^^
Well, Gyaru kei was most popular in the golden days back in 2009~2011 but today you almost don't see the style:(
Gyaru kei is the general name for gyaru fashion style BUT the gyaru kei that we call gyaru kei is that 09~11 style. When you see an outfit, and you know it's gal, But you can't call it in any specific style like onee or rokku, That's gyaru keiXD
Also, It's the esiest yet the "most complicated" style to achieve cause it doesn't have a certain color  or pattern or something like that it's basically being flashy and yet casual~
Most gal models back in those days used to wear gyaru kei and IN the style you can see cuter and more childish looks or sexier and more mature^^
I hope for those of you who didn't know whhat gyaru kei is, That my explanation is okXD

So let's start!

Again, I could find more but I didn't want it to be too muchXD

So! If you're looking for Gyaru kei inspiration try to look at Chika & Chie's old posts, Tsubasa's old pics and Yumachi's old pics^^

So I hope you liked the post^^ And I hope more gals those days will go back to that style even though it considered very casual and "old fashioned"~~

And now I'm gonna go to sleep~ See you tomorrow!


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