Friday, November 4, 2016

Date~!^^ [& a handmade bag:D]

How are you today?<3

In today's post I wanted to tell you about a date with Hatuli at a place called Ha Lechem Shel Tomer [Tomer's bread] in Jerusalem^^
It's a cute little coffee place at Rehavia that serves breakfests and lots of pastery, And it specialize in bread~

My date look~!

Pants...Candy Stripper brand
Accessores...Off brand

Those pants are so cute<3!!

Hatuli & his brekfest

My breakfest:D

And out cheese cake for dessert!

After out date I went to my sewing class and finished my bag:D
Also I had a little time so I did little matching pouch~

It's a canvas bag and it was so simple. It was actually the first thing we did at class and soon I'll finish my dress & skirt and I'll show you^^
I'm also gonna go to the second level class two weeks from now~ Yay:D

So that's it for today, Hope you have a lovely day!



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  1. You look so cute! Your looks are always very inspirational for me! And such a cute bag! Please keep going! Sewing is lots of fun :)