Saturday, November 5, 2016

Eyemazing No.004 Review!

How are you today?

I wanted to review another pair of lashes I tried recently~
I actually bought them last time I was in Tokyo which was LONG time ago but! I never got to use them cause I don't know... I was used to my favorite diamond lash.
But lately I've been trying different kinds of lashes cause I'm getting a little bored and I found them^^

Eyemazing No.004 [Jun Komori] 

I first tried them with smaller lenses cause they looked a little "light" for bigger lenses like candy magic king size~ I used Gossip brown

You can see they are a little short, Or they just look short cause they really curl up.
I'm not used to spiky kind of lashes but actually I kinda like it, I just wish they were a little longer.
This look is kinda natural I think, I defiantly like them but I'm not gonna use them as much as I use my other lashes~

Here is my outfit for that day btw

Maxi dress...FOX
Necklace...eBay brand

Here is another try with those lashes, This time with bigger more dolly looking lenses~ 

I think they do look cute even with dolly lenses, They kinda give casual look to them and I like it^^
One problem I forgot to mention is that they are a little less comfortable them other lashes I use cause the lash line is a bit stiff and it's a little difficult to apply on the eye. Also I felt them a bit on my eyelid after a while.
So I think I give them 3 out of 5~ I do like them, But I'm not sure how muchXD

And another rokku outfit while we're at itXD

Dress...Hkol Mipam
Lace bra brand
Necklace...eBay brand


So that's it for today's post!
Hope you liked my reviewXDD

Bye Bye~




  1. Love your outfit! Eyemazing is one of my fave brands, the first being diamond lashes! That dress is super cute~

    1. Thank you dear!^^
      I actually tried Eyemazing before and I didn't like them on me too much:X But Those are great^^! My favorite are also Diamond Lash:D