Friday, November 25, 2016

*~*~Himekaji Outfits~*~*

Hi Hi~!

This is going to be a random post cause sometimes I'm forgetting to post about stuffXD
So a month ago [!] or so were all the Jewish holidays [Rosh HaShana, Kipur, Sukot] and to I was at my parents house a lot and I went to many many family gatherings XD
I wanted to post my outfits and some pics:D

So as you know I usually wear Amekaji or Gyaru kei and sometimes rokku, When I meet with my gyaru sa lots of times we choose to wear Onee, But! When I'm at dinners and special events I like to wear my sweet gyaru clothes^^

Dress...Tralala brand

This was at Rosh Hashana eve and we went to my uncle's house
Hatuli with the small and cute dog he hasXD

After dinnerXD

Then in the morning after we went to my grandparents house~
My make~~

Top lashes are Diamond Lash Cat Eye


Dress...Liz Lisa Doll
Flower bracelet...FOREVER21

And this one is for my cousin's birthday party~

Shoes...Liz Lisa


Her party was a surprise party Alice in wonderland theme! Cause this is her favorite movie^^

So everything was Alice colored:D

And my sister made those PERFECT cupcakes!

Paint the roses red!!!!!

Do you have a gyaru style for different occasions?XD
I don't know why it's like that, But it gives me a chance to wear all the pretty clothes I'm gettingXD Cause it's really hard for me to love ONLY ONE style! I have a favorite one but I'm still inlove with all the others:> I guess I'll never be one of those people with one style.
It makes life harder though www

Well, Now I'm gonna go, And maybe soon I'll make another fall coords inspiration post with sweet and roma gyaru pics!
Have a lovely day everyone!



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