Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Goodbye summer....

Hi there~~

How are you today?
I'm feeling a little sad cause it's already winter here in Jerusalem:( I miss summer... It was long, But not enough.
I miss going to the beachT0T I can't believe I have to wait a whole year now!!!

So I wanted to make today's post a little summer ish~ About my last visit to the beach this yearT_T

I went to Palmachim beach with my friends and Hatuli~ I didn't go there is a very long time, And it's a really beautiful beach~

Also there were some BEAUTIFUL shells there and I was more then happy to collect them^^

This one is the most gorgeous pink shell Hatuli found for me<3

Wearing pink bikini from Bernard^^


And we met this cute thing:D

Omer did this cause he was bored but I thought it's really beautiful^^

And Hatuli is a princess again

I can't believe it's cold and rainy and ughT_T

I hope soon I'll get use to winter and I can;t wait till spring already lol
Goodbye summer, You were perfect:(

And now I'm leaving tooXD 
I wish you all a great day!



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