Sunday, November 27, 2016

Yesterday's code & gets [New wig!]

I'm back from the post office and guess what?XD I got my lenses & wig<3

So before I go to catch my but back to Jerusalem, I'll make a small post about yesterday and show you some gets^^

This was my outfit yesterday~ pretty cozy

Shirt...ventral station TLV
Cardigan...FOX brand
hair accessory...SBY
Denim shushu...WOW



I was wearing my new Olala overall I got from Shesh, The shop I'm working at^^
I really love it even though it's a little tighter them the overalls I usually like but it's nice to have one like this as well^^ I really love the color!

I went with my family to Arena mall in Hertzelia and we had brunch and some shopping:D

First of all, we all had mini donuts XD

With my dad at the marina where we had brunch~

Sorry for no makeup I had to go out in a hurryX_X

And here are my gets! My mom bought them for me I'm so happy!
Thank you!T_T <3

Pants-Renuar | Sweatshirt-Castro

The sweatshirt is actually men's wear but who cares?XD it's perfect lol I love it!

 And this is the wig I got today in the mail!

2tone fluffy wig! I really love it and it's really good for Amekaji^^
It came in a pretty good condition and it feels really good just the brown part was a little tangled but that's ok I guess it's not hard to fix:O

It's so long!:D

And also my new lenses from that I will review later this week^^
I got pink, green & grey:D

So now I really have to go so I'll try to blog tomorrow even though I'm working both y jobsT_T But maybe there will be a little bit of time!

So have a lovely week everyone!



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