Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fall coord inspiration 3: Sweet Gyaru! (And a little talk about the changes in that style)

Good morning!

lately I've been making some fall coords inspiration posts^^ I've already done Amekaji & Gyaru kei, And now I wanna do another style that I really like~ Himekaji & sweet gyaru!

Before I'll start with the pics, I wanted to talk a little about this style cause I feel there is a lot to say about it since Liz Lisa became not only gyaru brand anymore but a style for itself.
I feel that since 2013 Liz Lisa has changed the most, Even though the change started long before; The clothes became more princess like in a dolly way and not in the gyaru way it used to be. Let me try to find an example:

Then VS Now

The style has completely changed from the patterns and colors to the fabrics and to the shape of the clothes.
Now Liz Lisa is more Larme then gyaru, But it also has a style of itself not like other Larme brands. The clothes are kawaii only, Not even a bit sexy or otona.
Back then Liz Lisa were sweet gyaru cause they had a gyaru twist- Shorter skirts, a little more open in the neck maybe, and way way more casual. You can see it in the fabrics~ If you own new and old LL clothes you can notice the fabrics now are always shiny or silky and the old ones are a lot more plain.
The color scheme might look the same- Pink, white, cream & brown, sometimes denim & deep red, But the difference is that now the pain color is white and the others are completing it while the old LL used to make darker clothes with heavier patterns

You can't find clothes like that at LL anymore.
LL winter clothes might be more similar though cause they do all the fluffy knits and off shoulders, But you can see a lot more Larme and maybe SOME pieces that you can coord with gyaru style.
This change happened to all the sweet gyaru brands like Ank Rouge and Tralala, And of course LL doll that was closed cause it didn't sell anymore:(

When you walk in Shibuya you see a lot of girls wearing Liz Lisa and Ank but only a few of them are gyaru, Maybe even no gals at all, Also the shopstaff got a lot more plain even though they're very cute, But again, more in the Larme way and not gal.
Also the sweet gyaru make and hair used to be different of course, A lot bigger fluffier with curls, Very dolly make with a lot of pink blush and so on and so on, While now the LL style doesn't have it and the LL staff hairstyle while being perfect in their way [in my opinion] is too a lot more plain.

Here is Guri\Gura [XD] with sweet gyaru style. Can you see the difference between that and recent Liz Lisa coords?

Any way, I'm not saying that one is better then the other of course, I'm just saying that I love the LL gal style while now days I almost can't find one item at LL that I want:(
I really like the LL lovers coords, Gaijin and Japanese, and I think it's really pretty, But I really miss the old school sweet gyaru style~
How I see it, Liz Lisa could be everyday clothes for Hime gyaru and now it's like everyday clothes for Lolita, Since I feel it fits more with the shapes and aesthetics of Lolita then gyaru\hime gyaru

So now I'm gonna start with the pics!


I just want to mention that of course not all the clothes here are Liz Lisa there is some Ank Rouge, Cecil McBEE, Tralala, One spo and more, And I was talking about Liz Lisa as an example cause it's also very famous today^^

I wish I had more pics to put in this post but somehow I lost some of the pics I had, So I might do a second part of it when I find them~~

And now I'm gonna go to the post office to check if I got my lenses [please god:|]~ Have a lovely day everyone!




  1. I highly agree with you about the changes that Liz Lisa and other brands went through. although they kept the "cute" feel, it seems the "sexy/sassy" part was changed to "innocent/charming". I cant say I dont like it, but to be honest, while at the time I didn't go into gyaru as much, I think the older style would have suited me more, and it is way easier to style around with non-brand items.

    1. The last sentence is so true~ That's exactly what I meant and I also said it in the Israeli gyaru group on the post's thread...
      I think the older style was more casual yet it was gal, and it looks cute and different then other styles and now LL is so NOT casual that it's too much for me:(